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Our customers often need a quick shipping solution to establish a supply chain from China to another corner of the world. Furthermore, air freight is the perfect option for import into landlocked countries—those that do not have access to sea ports.

This is why our experienced freight forwarder agents have developed competencies in arranging the optimal air freight from China. We have partnered with carrier and logistics companies like COSCO, OOCL, APL, EMC, MSK, and HMM. Because of these connections, we can offer you very competitive freight rates when shipping from China.

Bacolod offers all sorts of services to support your air freight import. For instance, we offer door-to-door air shipping, multimodal freight, loading supervision, customs clearance at the airport, and more. Our agent will coordinate your deadlines with flight schedules, book the correct flight, and work out every detail of air logistics.

Why Bacolod Can Be Your First Choice for Air Freight

  • 24/7 support
  • Accurate tracking
  • Flawless schedule and route coordination
  • Experience with all sorts of cargo
  • Customs professionals
  • Responsive planning
Why Bacolod Can Be Your First Choice for Air Freight
Regular Goods Sent by Air Freight from China

Regular Goods Sent by Air Freight from China

Documents, pharmaceuticals, fashion clothing, factory samples, electronics consumer items, and perishable agricultural products are examples of commodities carried by air that have high unit values or are particularly time-sensitive.

Moreover, the electronics industry contributes approximately 40% of the total value of international air freight. They must be transported in excellent condition. Although air shipping is more expensive than sea shipping, the difference is negligible when compared to the value of the products.

Bacolod will offer you the best rate per kg of cargo weight, handling of the air waybill, and air freight tracking.

Hazardous Goods Sent by Air Freight from China

In comparison to normal cargo, perishable or hazardous items are subject to different regulations. They must undergo a number of inspections and meet a number of conditions, and not every airline will take them. Some examples of hazardous goods include:

  • Chemicals
  • Batteries
  • Biological specimens
  • Pesticides
  • Explosive materials
  • Corrosives
  • Gases

Some hazardous cargo needs to be insulated or refrigerated, thus requiring special transportation. Bacolod specialists can handle these issues appropriately. We also manage odd-sized cargo, time-sensitive cargo, and dangerous cargo.

Hazardous Goods Sent by Air Freight from China
Out of Gauge Goods Sent by Air Freight from China

Out of Gauge Goods Sent by Air Freight from China

OOG cargo is generally larger than the standard dimensions of general purpose cargo, and it usually does not have flat surfaces. Examples include multi-axle trailers, extendable trailers. Due to the nature and size of OOG cargo, it is usually transported in Open Top Containers (OT), Flat Racks (FR), and Platforms (PL).

The Bacolod OOG cargo handling system will be established through a detailed work plan. The cargo’s specific requirements must be factored into the design for successful air freight from China. From the time the cargo is prepared at the origin facility to the time it is delivered to the destination, Bacolod will handle whatever is necessary.

Services Available in Any City

As a premier freight forwarder from China focusing on air shipping, Bacolod provides the following services in China pre-shipment and in your destination country post-shipment:

Services Available in Any City
Sea-Air Solutions

Sea-Air Solutions

Integrate your ocean shipment with air freight options for a more agile supply chain. This strong combo will help you save money, time, and reduce your shipment’s carbon footprint. The result of such multimodal, or hybrid, shipping is shorter transit times, cost savings, avoided sea port delays, and more. Bacolod professionals will organize this multistep process to provide you with the most optimal shipping solution. Contact us today for hybrid air freight logistics from China.

Major Airports in China

The major airport terminals in China include:

  • PEK – Beijing Capital International Airport, which is the largest in the world
  • HKG – Hong Kong International Airport, commonly used to ship metals and electronics
  • CAN – Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, which ships to Middle East and Africa
  • PVG – Shanghai Pudong International Airport, important for East Asia
  • SHA – Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, houses many airlines’ corporate headquarters
  • CTU – Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, terminal in Western China
  • SZX – Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport, which ships to Europe and North America
  • KMG – Kunming Changshui International Airport, deals with air freight related to automobiles
  • XIY – Xi’an Xianyang International Airport, which handles e-commerce cargo
  • HGH – Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, which ships to Southeast Asia and Africa
Major Airports in China
Competitive Air Freight Based on BSA(Blocked Space Agreement) Price

Competitive Air Freight Based on BSA(Blocked Space Agreement) Price

The booking process may alter significantly in the case of a so-called blocked-space arrangement or agreement, in which the forwarding agent has a continuous reservation for space on one or more flight/date combinations with an airline.

Consistently higher volumes permit blocked space agreements between airlines and forwarders, resulting in assured capacity and hence improved reliability for importers.

Because it is a convenient and dependable arrangement, Bacolod offers competitive and economical rates, as well as a flexible BSA relationship for air freight from China.

This agreement  also reduces the airline’s processing time and, as a result, the shipments’ overall freight time. Contact us today to discuss our BSAs further!

How Long Does Air Freight from China Take?

On average, air freight from China takes around 8-10 days. This, of course, depends on the destination. Air freight to some countries that are close to China, such as Vietnam, South Korea, and Japan, may take as little as 2-3 days. On the other hand, air freight to Europe and North America may take up to 2 weeks because of customs and other delays.

Bacolod agents will do their best to prevent and minimize such delays. Our expertise in air freight has grown from great experience and networking capabilities. Contact us today, and we will give you an accurate estimate of shipping time to your destination.

How Long Does Air Freight from China Take
How Much Does Air Freight from China Cost

How Much Does Air Freight from China Cost?

Overall, air freight rates are calculated per kg of your cargo’s weight. On average, most airlines charge $4-9 per kg, but there may be differences. For instance, when shipping from China to some African countries, this rate decreased to $2-3 per kg. Alternatively, the price may rise up to $16 per kg for express or urgent air freight.

The exact air freight cost from China depends on:

  • Destination
  • Scheduling
  • Dimensions and weight
  • Product Type
  • Value
  • Additional services

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