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Bacolod professionals are experienced in arranging freight to any corner of the world, such as to Brazil. We operate with partnering companies like COSCO, OOCL, APL, EMC, MSK, and HMM. This allows us to provide great service while keeping prices at bay. We will plan a suitable freight solution for your requirements, taking into consideration the size of your cargo, your budget, and your deadlines.

We offer ocean freight, air freight, rail freight, and road truck freight. Moreover, you don’t have to worry no matter your product type. We are experienced with all sorts of shipments, including Ro-Ro, OOG, and fragile goods. From any location in China to any location in Brazil, your items will arrive perfectly well.

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Shipping from China to Brazil

Sea Freight Shipping from China to Brazil

From any sea port and harbour in China, Bacolod forwarders can arrange shipment to any of the ports in Brazil. Some usual destinations include the ports of Santarém, Salvador, Vitória, Paranaguá, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande, and Santos. By collaborating with known ocean carriers, we can dispatch your cargo according to a suitable schedule and route. Our agents will issue cargo insurance for you and clear all customs. You can request FCL and LCL shipping with any of the following container sizes: 20ft, 40ft, 45ft, and 45HQ.

Air Freight Shipping from China to Brazil

Sea freight often takes a long while, so if you need to receive your import in Brazil as soon as possible, we will organize air freight. Air freight from China to Brazil is an efficient mode of travel. Our partnering airlines will carry your shipment from any Chinese airport to terminals in Belém, Belo Horizonte, Brasília, and many other international airports in Brazil. Express air travel is great for quickly establishing your supply chain from China.


Door to Door Shipping from China to Brazil

From China to Brazil, Bacolod manages efficient hybrid door-to-door delivery. We will handle multimodal transit solutions that integrate various types of freight. In addition, we will offer other services such as warehousing. We will collect your shipment from your location in China and deliver them to your premises anywhere in Brazil. Being a professional freight forwarder, Bacolod will handle everything.



Why Bacolod Can Be Your First Choice for Shipping to Brazil

  • Planning that is tailored to you
  • Pricing that is fair
  • Understanding different types of cargo
  • Professional customs clearance
  • Countless partnering companies
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How Much When Shipping from China to Brazil

Whether you send FCL or LCL from China to Brazil determines the cost of shipping by sea freight. A 20-foot container costs $1000 to send to Brazil from China, whereas a 40-foot container costs $1200. The cost of LCL shipping is $150 per CBM.

Air freight costs about $2-9 per kg. The higher the weight of your cargo, the lower your air freight rate will be.

Additional fees include:

  • Transport from factory to port
  • Customs clearance
  • Delivery of documents
  • Port fees

How Long Does China Shipping Take to Brazil

From port to port, shipping a container from China to Brazil is projected to take 20 to 40 days. The length of time depends on the needed service route and sailing schedule. Air freight from China to Brazil will take about 6-10 days.

However, several factors affect shipping time, such as:

  • The distance between the port of dispatch in China and the port of arrival in Brazil
  • FCL or LCL shipping
  • Item consolidation
  • Extra services
  • Port congestion
  • Customs
  • Weather conditions

We can make a more accurate estimate of delivery time for your import after we have additional information about your goods and anticipated deadlines.

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Additional Services for Shipping from China to Brazil

Pickup and Delivery

Besides port-to-port and door-to-door services, we offer customizable pick-up and delivery options that you can request as you need. We will pick up your shipment from any location in China, and deliver it to any location that you request—be that a Brazilian port or your warehouse in Brazil.


We’ve carefully positioned our warehouses in the main Chinese transportation hubs like Shenzhen and Guangzhou. This ensures that the whole shipping process is carried out smoothly.

Cargo Insurance

Cargo Insurance is vital in international freight. That’s because it safeguards you from losing a ton of money if your expensive goods get lost or damaged during the whole transport process.

Customs Clearance

China and Brazil cooperate via the BRICS membership. Brazilian customs usually apply 10-35% taxes on imports. Bacolod can help clear customs declarations and handle a million other customs documents needed at the border.

Loading Inspection

The most demanding stages of any shipping consignment are the loading and unloading processes. That’s why, at Bacolod, we give these two stages their due importance.

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