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Bacolod is a multifaceted company that offers a wide array of services regarding shipping from China to Vietnam. Some of our high-quality services include sea freight, rail freight, air freight, and truck freight, as well as door-to-door shipping, and more.

We work with firms like COSCO, OOCL, APL, EMC, MSK, and HMM as partners. This enables us to provide excellent service while keeping costs down. We’ll devise a freight solution that meets your needs, taking into account the size of your goods, your budget, and your deadlines.

Shipping to Peru, we manage various types of goods like fragile, general, and hazardous products. Over the years, Bacolod has amassed experience perfect for shipping cargo from China to Peru.

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Shipping from China to Peru

Sea Freight Shipping from China to Peru

Peru’s maritime trade is centred on eight major coastal ports: Callao, Talara, Paita, Salaverry, Chimbote, San Martin (Pisco), Ilo, and Matarani. From any port in China, we can organize shipment along any of those routes. We can contact necessary carriers and coordinate shipping schedules, prepare your items for dispatch, and handle documentation. You can request FCL and LCL shipping with any of the following container sizes: 20ft, 40ft, 45ft, and 45HQ. Our professional team undertakes all the vital steps, so you don’t have to.

Air Freight Shipping from China to Peru

Bacolod is a modern freight company that understands the importance of air freight from China to Peru. That’s why we offer our state of the art services in this segment as well. Our professional team will organize all the necessary steps and measures to ensure the quickest possible delivery times for you. We’ll ask you about your budget and the due date, after which everything will be our responsibility. We will book the flight with an appropriate airline, sending your shipment to one of Peru’s international terminals in Arequipa, Chiclayo, Cusco, Lima, or Trujillo.

Door to Door Shipping from China to peru

Understanding the demands of modern-day businesses in China and Peru, Bacolod also offers services such as:

  • Door to door
  • Business to business
  • Port to port
  • Multimodal shipping

This is our best service for you because after you provide us with the source and the destination addresses, you can sit back and relax while we work to deliver your freight from China to Peru.

Why Bacolod Can Be Your First Choice for Shipping to Peru

  • Tailored approach
  • Competitive pricing
  • Vast experience
  • All-around shipping support
  • Extensive networking
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How Much When Shipping from China to Peru

The cost of shipping by sea freight from China to Peru is determined by whether you send FCL or LCL. Sending a 20-foot container from China to Peru costs $1000, while a 40-foot container costs $1200. LCL transportation costs $150 per CBM.

Air freight costs between $2 and $9 per kilogramme. Your air freight rate will be cheaper as your cargo weight increases.

Additional fees include:

  • Transport from factory to port (by train or truck)
  • Customs clearance
  • Miscellaneous port fees

How Long Does China Shipping Take to Peru

The average transportation time for air freight from China to Peru is 3 to 7 days, depending on the shipping route chosen. From port to port, shipping a container from China to Peru is projected to take 20 to 30 days. The length of time depends on the needed service route and sailing schedule.

Additional factors that affect shipping time are:

  • The distance between the two ports or air terminals
  • FCL or LCL shipping
  • Item consolidation
  • Port congestion
  • Customs
  • Weather conditions
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Additional Services for Shipping from China to Peru

Pickup and Delivery

We work diligently to offer pick-up and delivery services for your goods. In this regard, the services we offer include pick up as well as the door to door delivery anywhere from China to Peru.


Our warehouses are strategically located in key Chinese transportation hubs such as Shenzhen and Guangzhou. This guarantees that the entire shipping procedure runs well. We also offer additional services for you, such as consolidation and packaging.

Cargo Insurance

Bacolod fully understands the importance of cargo insurance and helps its clients in getting extensive cargo insurance while shipping from China to Peru. For insuring your goods, we charge 0.3 to 0.7% of the commercial invoice value of the items. This diminishes the various risks associated with shipping.

Customs Clearance

A value added tax (VAT) of 18% applies to the majority of imports in Peru. Plus, customs require a ton of various documents and paperwork that is easy to get lost in. This is why Bacolod offers premier customs clearance service to help your import.

Loading Inspection

If mishandled during loading, the goods, especially the fragile ones, can easily break, causing damage to the owners. That’s why, at Bacolod, we offer inspection. Some of the services we provide in this regard include proper packaging, and securing in a shipping container.

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