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Bacolod provides shipping services by sea and by air from China to Canada for a wide variety of goods so we have extensive experience in shipping, such as suitable loading, packing, reinforcement, and delivery.

Based on the advantageous shipping price, we also provide door-to-door shipping services from China to Canada.

Bacolod provides enough spaces for 20ft and 40ft shipment goods from every loading port in China to Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, and other destination ports.

Shipping from China to Canada

Sea Freight Shipping from China to Canada

As a professional freight forwarder, Bacolod offers optimal ocean freight routes for the most cost-effective price. We will organize bulk shipments from any port in China to any port in Canada. Some major ports are Montreal, Vancouver, and Halifax. Our agents will provide you with accurate shipping time, tracking, and other services like FCL and LCL shipping, and Amazon FBA shipping.

Air Freight Shipping from China to Canada

Like with sea freight, Bacolod will arrange the best air freight routes for your shipment. Taking into consideration your timelines and budget, we will choose the appropriate airline company and airports. If necessary, we will arrange layovers, plan for stops, and inform you of the progress.


Door to Door Shipping from China to Canada

If you need an express solution, then we are glad to offer our door-to-door shipping service. We cooperate with global couriers to deliver your goods right to your location. The cost for this service is usually all-included, meaning that you won’t have to pay extra for customs duties and taxes.


Why Bacolod Can Be Your First Choice for Shipping to Canada

Bacolod is one of the greatest freight forwarders in China. We have sufficient freight resources to be able to transport your cargo at all times. Bacolod also has very competitive freight rates and can provide you with professional freight solutions. Rather than that, we also allow doot-to-door service and FBA service from China to Canada.

Bacolod understands the customs clearance procedures in China and Canada and can provide detailed solutions in this area. Meanwhile, we also provide our customers free warehouse service and consolidation service to store their cargo or consolidate their cargo with others.

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Express Shipping

How Long Does China Express Shipping Take to Canada

Ocean FCL and LCL shipping to Canada can take about 14-37 days. The exact time depends on the route. The fastest is Shanghai-Vancouver, taking around 14-20 days. The longest routes are from Shenzhen to Toronto or Montreal, taking 26-37 days.

Alternatively, standard air freight takes 3-10 days.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship from China to Canada

On average, it costs $3,400 to ship one 40’ container from China to Canada during peak season. For FCL, a container can cost up to $7,500. As for LCL, shipping to Canada averages at $700 for a load of 200 kg/1 cbm.

If you prefer air freight, the cost per kilogram will reduce the higher the weight of your shipment. The average price for air freight for a load of 200 kg/1 cbm would be about $1,500.

Contact us for more information!

Ocean Freight

Additional Services for Shipping from China to Canada

Pickup and Delivery

We can pick up your goods from any location in China—be that your business location, your supplier, or your residence. Then, we will safely transport your products to our warehouse, organizing shipments from there. We have a range of delivery services, including door-to-port, business-to-business, etc. You can also request special handling for fragile goods.

Shipping to Amazon FBA

We offer Amazon FBA shipping to Canada. We can arrange shipping to any of the 46 locations in Canada. Usually, we deliver to Toronto or Vancouver and organize final mile shipping to your requested Amazon FBA warehouse.


Bacolod offers a whole range of warehousing services where your goods can be stored or processed before being shipped to Canada. We can consolidate products, label, pack, loading, sorting, and more. You can request any type of special handling as well.

Cargo Insurance

Our cargo insurance covers the loss or damage of goods during shipment to Canada. However, not every item you ship is insurable, such as: personal belongings, artwork, liquids (including alcohol), antiques, perishable goods (food), glass, and so on. We can help you choose the best Incoterms that outline cargo insurance for your goods.

Customs Clearance

We will facilitate customs clearance with the Canada Border Service Agency. We will also deal with customs duties and taxes, including the Goods and Services Tax (GST)—5% on the total value of goods imported into Canada. Bacolod will handle all documentation and ensure a seamless clearance.

Loading Inspection

Our employees will inspect several aspects of the loading process to ensure the safety of your products. We will inspect the quantity and quality of goods, the packaging, the loading process, and record loading conditions. Such supervision and reporting will give you confidence even if you are in Canada.


We can arrange express shipping with DHL, UPS, EMS, FedEx, and TNT. Express shipping from China to Canada will likely take 1-4 days. The cost will depend on the weight of your load, ranging from $11 to $19.

Incoterms for Shipping from China to Canada

Incoterms are the rules and regulations that establish the responsibilities of importers, freight forwarders, and distributors during shipping. For instance, this includes transportation risks and costs. Here are some common incoterms for shipping from China to Canada:

  • EXW
  • FOB
  • CFR
  • CIF
  • DDP
  • DDU
Ocean Freight FCL & LCL Shipping from China to Canada

FCL, or full container load shipments, are shipments where your goods are stored and shipped in your own container. LCL, or less than container load shipments, are shipments that are sent in a shared container with other importer’s goods.

Ocean FCL and LCL shipping to Canada can take about 14-37 days. For FCL, a container can cost up to $7,500. As for LCL, shipping to Canada averages at $200 for a load of 200 kg/1 cbm. Contact us for more information!

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