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The UK transport market is one of the most important markets for our company, Bacolod offers the competitive shipping freight for the shipment goods from China to the UK by sea and by air, if you think shipping service by sea is too slow and air freight is too expensive, we also provide shipping service by railway and by truck for customers to choose based on the best shipping freight.

For FCL shipping goods, we have available spaces every week based on our contract with carriers. For LCL shipping service, we collect lower destination charges in UK port. One of our strengths is door-to-door shipping by sea, by air, by railway, and by truck, even if you are an individual.

Shipping from China to UK

Sea Freight Shipping from China to UK

A multitude of methods are used to carry sea freight from one port to another. However, for many goods, containerized ocean shipping is the preferred method. If you have enough items, you can select to send them as a full container load (FCL). Otherwise, a less-than-container-load (LCL) service can be used. In any case, Bacolod offers premier sea freight services to ship your cargo from China to the British Isles. After picking up your products from any sea port in China, we will ship your cargo to any port in UK. Some of the main UK ports include Felixstowe, Southampton, London, Liverpool, and Immingham.

Air Freight Shipping from China to UK

If you need fast transit times, we can organize efficient air freight from China to the UK. We will contact the airline, offer loading inspection, book the flight, and maintain accurate tracking. Air freight is perfect if you have a small load, wish to avoid delays during peak season, or have high-value goods like electronics. Your shipment can arrive to several airports in the UK, including Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester, Edinburgh, London, etc. We ship to England, Scotland, and Wales.



Rail Freight Shipping from China to Europe

Bacolod can organize partial rail freight along the Yiwu–London Railway Line is a freight railway route from China, to the United Kingdom. This route covers a distance of roughly 12,000 km (7,500 miles). Rail freight is a more direct route then sea freight, but we will need to organize ferry freight, so rail freight involves more planning on our part.





Door to Door Shipping from China to UK

As a leading freight forwarder in China, Bacolod offers various door-to-door services for shipping to the UK. You can request from a range of personalized services, ensuring that all logistics are taken care of and your consigment arrives to your desired location. After providing us with a pick-up address in China and a delivery address in the UK, we will ship your cargo, taking care of all layovers and connections. We ship to and from any business, supplier, port, airport, warehouse, etc.

Shipping to Amazon FBA

United Kingdom has Amazon FBA warehouses in England, Scotland, and Wales. We offer reliable Amazon FBA shipping from any port or airport in China to any of those locations. These are standard routes you can trust us with.





Loading Inspection

We provide professional loading and unloading inspection services for our clients in the UK. The inspection is done to ensure that the items are handled correctly and placed safely into shipping containers for safe transportation and delivery to the final destination.





Why Bacolod Can Be Your First Choice for Shipping to UK

  • The best shipping freight by sea and by air
  • The best shipping freight by railway and by truck
  • Available and enough spaces for FCL shipment goods
  • Door to door shipping service
  • Professional FBA shipping service
  • Consolidate service and free storage charge in China warehouse
  • Free Paper work
  • Shipping service by railway
  • Shipping service by truck
  • Professional brokerage
Our Advantages
How Much When Shipping from China to UK?

How Much When Shipping from China to UK?

The average shipping cost from China to the UK for FCL shipping is $1800. For LCL shipping, the average cost is $1200 for a load of 200kg/CBM. When you use air freight for shipping from China to the UK, the price per kg decreases as your shipment weight increases. For instance, for 100 kilograms, the average cost is $14.

The exact cost of shipping from China to the UK depends on a variety of factors, such as incoterms, product type, size and weight of cargo, shipping methods, exact distance, etc. Shipping from Shenzhen to the UK will be more expensive than shipping from Shanghai to the UK.

How Long Does China Shipping Take to UK?

You should typically expect sea freight from China to the UK to take around 40-56 days, rail freight to take about 18 days, and air freight to take about 2-9 days. Door-to-door shipping will always take a couple of days more due to additional truck freight.

Time in transit depends on the route, the airline or ocean liner company, weather conditions, customs, and more.

How Long Does China Shipping Take to UK?

Additional Services for Shipping from China to the UK

Pickup and Delivery

You can use our pickup and delivery service to transport your shipment from the port to your UK or China warehouse. We have a team of experts who will carefully handle your package and deliver it with the utmost care.


We offer a wide range of excellent warehousing services in some of the large Chinese cities. Our most common services include storage, packaging, and consolidation for LCL and Amazon FBA shipping.

Cargo Insurance

Bacolod agents will help you acquire good cargo insurance for shipping to the UK from China. By paying 0.3–0.7% of the commercial invoice value of your goods, we will cover various risks associated with shipping. These include damage, loss, and theft.

Customs Clearance

At the UK customs, our agents will complete customs declarations for your goods, pay VAT duties, and submit other necessary documents. You can trust our expertise in streamlining customs clearance.

Leave Your Goods,Bacolod Will Handle The Left

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