Best Freight Forwarder China to Germany

Bacolod is very familiar with the shipping market from China to Germany so we provide the best shipping service by sea and by air for the shipment of goods by sea and by air based on the competitive shipping freight.

In addition to traditional ocean and air transport services, we have added rail and road transport services to reduce transit times.

We have good agents in Germany so that we can provide good door-to-door shipping services by sea, by air, by railway, and by truck. We also have great advantages and a rich operating experience for shipping goods to FBA.

Shipping from China to Germany

Sea Freight Shipping from China to Germany

When it comes to shipping from China to Germany, sea freight is by far the most popular option.

While it is slower than other freight options, it is more cost-effective and provides significantly more flexibility in terms of the types of goods that can be shipped, the types of loads that can be sent, and the shipping routes that may be used. We will pick up your products from any port in China, such as Shanghai or Ningbo. Then, we will ship it to any port in Germany, including ports in Hamburg, Wilhelmshaven, Duisburg, Rostock, Frankfurt am Main, and others.

Air Freight Shipping from China to Germany

If you are looking to ship cargo from China to Germany in the most efficient way, Bacolod offers air freight forwarding services! We work with many airlines, such as Air China Cargo, China Cargo Airlines, China Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Suparna Airlines, and Lufthansa Cargo. From any airport in China, your cargo will fly to a German airport like Frankfurt, Berlin, Cologne, Leipzig, Erfurt Weimer, and others.



Rail Freight Shipping

Rail freight is increasingly becoming more popular and more important for European import from China. For rail freight to Germany, the Yu’Xin’Ou railway is used. It is a freight rail route linking the southwestern Chinese city of Chongqing with Duisburg, Germany. The railway is part of a growing rail network that connects China and Europe along the New Silk Road.




Door to Door Shipping from China to Germany

Bacolod offers all of its customers the option of having their goods shipped door to door, regardless of whether they employ air, rail, or sea freight. This means you won’t be responsible for any logistics, paperwork, or customs clearance. For instance, we facilitate business-to-business, port-to-port, and other services. We will pick up your product from any location in China and ship it to Germany, where we will arrange final-mile delivery through truck freight.

Shipping to Amazon FBA

Bacolod is an Amazon FBA shipping expert that can handle all logistics, consolidation, inspections, labelling, repackaging, and shipment from China. Germany has many Amazon FBA locations in every state. For instance, there are 3 locations in Bavaria, 9 in North Rhine-Westphalia, and even 1 in Thuringia. All across Germany, we will ship your cargo right to the Amazon FBA warehouse that you request.


Loading Inspection

Having Bacolod professionals supervise the container loading process will not only minimize the risk of mishandling and incorrect loading of your goods, but also minimize the risk of theft. Before shipping it to Germany, we inspect your cargo’s packaging, the loading process, quantity and quality of products, and how well they are secured in the container.



Why Bacolod Can Be Your First Choice for Shipping to Germany

  • Door to Door shipping service(DAP, DDP)
  • Competitive shipping freight by sea and by air
  • Competitive shipping freight by railway and by truck
  • Enough spaces for FCL shipment goods
  • FBA shipping service
  • Free storage in China
  • Consolidate service
  • The bulk cargo ship, Roll-Roll shipping
  • No hide extra charge
Our Advantages

How Much Does It Cost to Ship from China to Germany

LCL shipping from China to Germany can cost about $600, while FCL shipping may cost up to $5,000.

If you want to ship by air, the cost will range from $980 to $1,200 per 200 kg of cargo. The exact rate, of course, depends on the destination, shipment size and weight, and type of products. Shipping to Berlin tends to be cheaper than to other places, and shipping from Ningbo is cheaper as well.

Contact us for more information!

How Long Does China Shipping Take to Germany

Standard air freight from China to Germany takes about 8-10 days.

Sea freight from China to Germany takes a minimum of 30-40 days. Ocean liners often move slowly to save fuel, plus there could be port congestion, customs delays, and bad weather at sea.

Rail freight would take about 10-12 days, and truck freight takes about 20-35 days as well.

Additional Services for Shipping from China to Germany

Pickup and Delivery

As a professional freight forwarder, we offer the basic pick-up and delivery service. Your shipment will be picked up from any address in China, and sent straight to the right address in Germany. We work with many courier companies like TNT and DHL. We can support your shipment at any point using the method and route most suited for the job.


Bacolod offers a wide range of warehousing services. We can process your goods before they are sent to Germany. Our employees can consolidate products, label, pack, load, sort, check quality, etc. If you need specific packaging for fragile products, we can arrange that as well. Simply contact us and see what we can do for you!

Cargo Insurance

Our cargo insurance is both economical and the most effective approach to protect against catastrophic loss when importing to Germany. Usually, cargo insurance costs during freight to Germany are typically around 0.3% – 0.5% of your Commercial Invoice Value—the amount you paid for the goods. However, not every type of item can be insured.

Customs Clearance

When importing to the EU, it is important to look at the HS code of your items to estimate duties and taxes. German customs collect import taxes and duties for all goods shipped into the country. Bacolod agents will support a hassle-free and smooth clearance of customs in Germany. Exactly what you will pay will depend upon the type of items shipped, but most items are taxed at 19%.

Leave Your Goods,Bacolod Will Handle The Left

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