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Bacolod has rich experience in shipping goods from China to Europe, and offers competitive shipping freight.

Bacolod has enough spaces from carriers for FCL container goods, and collect lower destination charge in the destination port for LCL shipment goods. In addition to shipping service by sea and by air, our company also provides road and rail transportation based on good shipping freight and short transit time.

Bacolod provides the best door-to-door shipping service from anywhere in China to anywhere in Europe by sea, by air, by railway, and by truck based on competitive shipping freight.

Shipping from China to Europe

Sea Freight Shipping from China to Europe

Bacolod specializes in organizing efficient ocean and sea freight. We offer the fastest routes for the most competitive prices. Our agents arrange the shipment of FCL and LCL cargo in 20ft, 40ft, 45ft, 45HQ and specialty containers. We will pick up and ship your goods from any port in China, as well as track the progress of the journey. We will ship to any port in Europe, including ports in Rotterdam, Antwerp, Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Algeciras, Piraeus, Valencia, Felixstowe, and others.

Air Freight Shipping from China to Europe

Considering your timeline, budget, and destination, we will network with the ideal airline for your shipment. We will also take care of airport customs, layovers, and anything else. Europe has several key airports, including in Frankfurt am Main in Germany, Heathrow in UK, Amsterdam in Netherlands, Luxemburg, and others.



Rail Freight Shipping

We can arrange shipment over land using railroads. This takes less time than sea freight, but more than air freight. It is also a very secure method of shipment. Overall, 18% of all European freight is rail freight, with the majority shipping to the Baltic states. The main route is the Yiwu-Madrid route.




Door to Door Shipping from China to Europe

Our major shipping service is door-to-door shipping from China to Europe; you will receive the most competitive shipping costs and the fastest service by air, sea, and rail freight. To collaborate with our European clients, we have specialized operation and broker teams. We have extensive experience delivering items from China to Europe. Whether you need your shipment at your business, warehouse, Amazon FBA, or residence, we will handle it all.

Shipping to Amazon FBA

We offer Amazon FBA shipping to Europe. There are Amazon locations in the United Kingdom, in Germany, in France, in Spain, in Italy, in Poland and in the Czech Republic, as well as other places. Wherever your products are stored, you may need to register for VAT. Bacolod can help you with that. Then, you can sell through Amazon all across Europe.



Loading Inspection

The shipper’s factory or warehouse is usually where a container loading inspection takes place. The inspection is done to ensure that the items are handled correctly and placed safely into shipping containers for safe transportation and delivery to the final destination. Bacolod employs the internationally acknowledged ANSI/ASQC Z1.4 (ISO 2859-1) statistical sampling approach for all inspections.



Why Bacolod Can Be Your Perfect Choice for Shipping to Europe

  • Competitive shipping freight
  • Enough spaces for full container goods
  • Stable sailing schedule
  • Door to Door shipping service
  • Both customs clearance in China and Europe
  • FBA shipping service
  • Shipping service by railway
  • Shipping service by truck
  • Free storage and Consolidate service
  • OOG goods(Out of gauge)
  • Bulk cargo ship
Our Advantages
How Long Does it Take to Ship from China to Europe

How Long Does it Take to Ship from China to Europe

The traditional maritime route between China and Europe runs through the South China Sea, the Malacca Strait, the waters of the Indian Ocean, and the Suez Canal. This route usually takes about 30-48 days.

As for air freight, depending on the destination, the transit time for air cargo from China to Europe averages to about 3-8 days.

Rail freight takes around 15-20 days.

How Much Does it Cost When Shipping from China to Europe

Air freight and sea freight from China to the EU cost about the same—$1,200 on average. LCL would cost about $300 per CBM. There is great variety between countries and locations.

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How Much Does it Cost When Shipping from China to Europe

Additional Services for shipping from China to Europe

Pickup and Delivery

Our agents will organize the pick-up of your goods from any location in China. Usually, this involves truck freight. Then, we will take care of all the intermediate steps like warehousing, labeling, loading, etc. Upon arrival at the destination port, we will also arrange local delivery of your goods to your location in Europe. We deliver door-to-port, business-to-business, door-to-business, etc.


At Bacolod warehouses, you can request various processing services for your cargo, including consolidation for LCL shipping. Our warehouses are located in primary Chinese transportation hubs, making shipment to Europe more efficient.

Cargo Insurance

Our cargo insurance covers the loss or damage of most goods during shipment to Europe. Usually, cargo insurance averages at 500 euros. However, not every item can be insured, such as certain fragile and perishable goods. Our agents will advise you the best cargo insurance that would balance and outline responsibilities, risks, and costs for your situation.

Customs Clearance

Bacolod forwarders will efffectively clear customs at the European borders. Most products get taxed in the range between 2% to 6%. The VAT rate is set by each member state. The VAT you must pay is based on the sum of the customs value and the import duty. Professional Bacolod agents will take care of seamless customs clearance.

Leave Your Goods,Bacolod Will Handle The Left

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