Best Freight Forwarder China to France

Bacolod provides good shipping services from China to France by sea, by air, by railway, and by truck-based on competitive shipping freight.

According to the customer’s transportation cost budget and arrival time, we can make the best transportation plan for customers to choose from.

We have a good relationship with carriers and airline companies, and we have a good agent in France so that Our biggest advantage is door to door shipping service from China to anywhere in France.

Shipping from China to France

Sea Freight Shipping from China to France

If you are looking to ship cargo from China to France in the most efficient way, Bacolod is your best choice! We arrange the best shipping solution for your ocean freight. We have experience working with out-of-gauge, hazardous, and bulk cargo, and we offer a number of specialized containers. After picking up your products from any port in China, we will ship it to any port in France. Some ports include those in Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Le Havre, Brest, Calais, and others.

Air Freight Shipping from China to France

To speed up your shipment, we can arrange the optimal air freight to France. We will connect with the appropriate airline, book either a charter flight or a commercial flight, and more. Bacolod has been cooperating with a variety of airlines from China to France, including RU, SU, KL, SQ, LX, LH, CV, and others. Any airport in China can be the starting point. France has several key airports, including Paris Charles de Gaulle, Orly, Brest, Marseille, and others.

Rail Freight Shipping from China to Europe

We can arrange shipment over land using railroads. This takes less time than sea freight, but more than air freight. It is also a very secure method of shipment. Commonly, freight trains go from Wuhan to Lyon. There is also the China-EU-France shuttle train.



Door to Door Shipping from China to France

All you have to do is sign a freight forwarding contract with Bacolod and pay the charge. Our freight forwarder then takes care of everything. We will be in charge of delivering the shipment to the contract’s stated location. The following procedures are included in a door-to-door shipping service from China to France:

  • Pickup
  • Preparation of transportation paperwork
  • Customs clearance
  • Shipment
  • Delivery
Shipping to Amazon FBA

We offer Amazon FBA shipping to France. France has 8 Amazon FBA locations, and we arrange shipping to any of these addresses. For instance, to Boigny-sur-Bionne, Boves, Saran, Augny, Sevrey, etc.







Loading Inspection

To ensure that it does not get damaged during transit, our employees will inspect the loading process for your cargo. Before shipping it to France, we inspect your cargo’s packaging, the loading process, quantity and quality of products, and how well they are secured in the container. Similarly, there is also an unloading inspection service.





Why Bacolod Can Be Your First Choice for Shipping to France

  • Door to Door shipping service
  • Competitive shipping freight by sea and by air
  • Enough spaces for full container goods
  • Customs clearance in China and France
  • FBA shipping service
  • Shipping service by railway and by truck
  • Free storage in China and Consolidate service
  • OOG goods(Out of gauge)
  • The bulk cargo ship, Roll-Roll shipping
Our Advantages
How Much When Shipping from China to Russia?

How Much When Shipping from China to France

The shipping cost from China to France via the air freight is about $6.50 per kilogram for a typical package. The shipping cost increases if you are sending packages with less weight. For example, the price per kg is around $65 if you ship 10 kilograms of goods.

The cost of sea freight from China to France varies greatly, so contact us for more information!

How Long Does China Shipping Take to France

Sea freight from China to France takes about 30 days, depending on the exact destination and port of origin. For example, the fastest routes go to Le Havre in 26 days, while shipping from Dalian to Bordeaux takes the longest—37 days.

Rail freight from China to France takes about 15 days.

As for air freight, it usually takes 3-7 days depending on the destination.

How Long Does China Shipping Take to France

Pickup and Delivery

We will pick up your products and deliver them to the right place. Simply give us the starting address in China and the destination address in France, and we will handle everything. Whether you need your shipment at your business, warehouse, Amazon FBA, or residence, we will arrange it all. We can also deliver from port to port or from business to port.


As a professional logistics company, Bacolod is responsible for creating a plan for loading and unloading items, as well as storing them in warehouses, cold storages, and other cargo storage locations.

Cargo Insurance

Insurance is required for any legally moved products from China to France. The insurance contract is usually set by the owner of the shipment before the ship starts moving, and in exchange, an amount is paid to the insurance firm. If an unintended risk results in damage or loss of the goods, the insurance company will pay according to the terms of the insurance contract.

Customs Clearance

When importing to the EU, it is important to look at the HS code of your items to estimate duties and taxes. Also, there are anti-dumping taxes for stainless steel pipes, solar panels, poly-crystalline products, and more. Some special taxes may include a 20% VAT. Bacolod professionals will handle all customs and taxes, so that shipping is hassle-free for you.

Leave Your Goods,Bacolod Will Handle The Left

Get an instant shipping quote and let Bacolod handle your shipping from China.
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