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Bacolod ships many kinds of shipment goods from China to Australia with rich experiences, We offer the best shipping freight by sea and by air. The carriers guarantee our spaces because of our stable shipments for FCL container goods based on competitive ocean freight, and we charge lower local charges at China loading port.

For LCL shipment goods, we offer lower destination charges in Australia port based on good ocean freight. In addition to traditional door-to-door shipping services by sea and by air, Bacolod provides door-to-door shipping services for shipment to FBA or to a private address.

Shipping from China to Australia

Sea Freight Shipping from China to Australia

Sea freight from China to Australia is an important business route, and Bacolod will support this shipping for you. We will arrange the route, ocean liners, customs clearance, cargo insurance, and more. After picking up your products from Shanghai, Shenzhen, Yiwu, or any other port in China, your cargo will travel right to Australia. Some of the destination ports include Brisbane, Sydney, Fremantle, Melbourne, Hedland, and others.



Air Freight Shipping from China to Australia

Bacolod will organize air freight for your cargo to give you the quickest transportation time from China to Australia. Pass on all arrangements to us: booking the flight, clearing customs, supervising loading, and more. We were able to arrange delivery from 8 main Chinese airports to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin, and other destinations through our partnering airline carriers. Our experts will streamline the shipping route while remembering your budget and due dates.


Door to Door Shipping from China to Australia

As a professional cargo forwarder in China, Bacolod offers different DDP door-to-door, business-to-business, and port-to-port services for delivery to Australia. You basically need to give us the starting location in China and the destination location in Australia. We will deal with the rest. Our multimodal freight solutions, excellent logistics strategizing, and experience allows us to carry out advanced door-to-door shipping services from China to Australia. We also provide accurate shipping from China to Australia tracking.


Why Bacolod Can Be Your First Choice for Shipping to Australia

  • The competitive ocean freight for FCL shipment goods
  • The stable shipping service for LCL shipment goods
  • Contract air freight with airline shipping companies
  • Lower local charge at loading port
  • Enough spaces
  • Door to door shipping service by sea and by air
  • Professional FBA shipping service
  • Consolidate service
  • Free Paper work
  • Shipping service by railway
  • Shipping service by truck
  • Professional brokerage
Our Advantages
How Much When Shipping from China to Ireland

How Much When Shipping from China to Australia

The average shipping cost from China to Australia for FCL shipping reaches $9000. For LCL shipping, the average cost is $900, but it depends on the weight and CBM. For air freight, shipping from China to Australia would cost about $13-11 per kg.

The exact cost of shipping from China to Australia depends on a variety of factors, such as incoterms, product type, size and weight of cargo, shipping methods, exact distance, and more. Also, the route matters, as shipments arriving from Shanghai are much cheaper than those arriving from Shenzhen.

How Long Does China Shipping Take to Australia

Exact time in transit depends on the route, the airline or ocean liner company, weather conditions, customs, and more.

You should typically expect sea freight from China to Australia to take around 30-40 days and air freight to take about 8-10 days. Door-to-door shipping will always take several days more due to additional truck freight, loading/unloading, and other various steps of the process.

How Much When Shipping from China to Australia

Additional Services for Shipping from China to Australia

Pickup and Delivery

For the most convenient dropshipping experience, you can request our pick-up and delivery services. Simply give us the starting and the destination addresses, and we will handle everything.


Our warehouses are located in the main transportation hubs in China to facilitate shipping. In our warehouses, our staff can store, consolidate your products, package, label, sort, and more. If your products require special handling, such as for fragile or OOG goods, you can always request that as well. Warehousing is perfect for processing your cargo before shipping it to Australia.

Shipping to Amazon FBA

Australia has many Amazon FBA warehouses, and we are always ready to arrange logistics for shipping from China to any of those locations. Our experts will gladly organize everything for you.

Cargo Insurance

We provide high-quality insurance for shipping from China to Australia, which is especially suitable for high-value items. The insurance rate is as little as 3% of the commercial worth of the goods, ensuring that your commodities are properly secured.

Customs Clearance

The majority of items imported to Australia from China are subject to a duty tax of 5%. Our professional agents will handle all customs documentation, complete customs declarations for your goods, and pay duties.

Loading Inspection

To ensure proper packaging, securing in the shipping container, and loading, we offer our loading and unloading inspection services. This decreases the chance of damage and loss of your items. We provide professional loading and unloading inspection services for our clients worldwide.

Leave Your Goods,Bacolod Will Handle The Left

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