Dangerous Goods Shipping

Dangerous items can be shipped from China to any destination via sea, air freight, or even by road. Bacolod has experience in arranging all of these options. We work with global carriers like COSCO, OOCL, APL, EMC, MSK, and HMM to deliver all sorts of goods safely and in time.

Dangerous goods are also classified according to the type of hazard they pose, such as explosive, flammable, poisonous, toxic, etc. We offer specialized logistics solutions suitable for any type of dangerous product. We take safety seriously, and this is why our professionals carefully organize all the details according to proper international standards.

Lithium batteries, alcohol, lighters, fragrances, aerosols, and a variety of other items are examples of dangerous goods.

Why Bacolod Can Be Your Top Choice for FCL Shipping from China

With our vast experience and expertise, Bacolod is undoubtedly a great choice for shipping dangerous cargo from China. Below are additional points to convince you further:

    • Affordable value-added services
    • Great network of partnering companies
    • Attention to detail
    • Knowledge of international standards
Why Bacolod Can Be Your Top Choice for FCL Shipping from China
Sea Freight of Dangerous Goods from China

Sea Freight of Dangerous Goods from China

Shipping dangerous goods from China by sea is the most common and the safest option for hazardous freight. We will contact the carrier and prepare your shipment according to rules and regulations. Furthermore, we will supervise loading onto the vessel, coordinate sea freight route and scheduling, and much more.

Our forwarders will ensure than your hazardous shipment is not damaged by the humid environment. Most importantly, we will always update you on the progress of the shipment via sea freight.

Air Freight of Dangerous Goods from China

Air freight may not always be the best choice for dangerous goods shipping from China because of the changes in atmospheric pressure. For this reason, some airlines do not carry certain types of dangerous goods, such as aerosols. However, if your products do not endanger air freight and are time-sensitive, our agents can definitely figure out the best course of action.

We will book the flight with the appropriate cargo airline and ensure that all the requirements are met. You will receive your shipment within 2-10 days depending on the destination.

Air Freight of Dangerous Goods from China
Door-to-Door Shipping of Dangerous Goods from China

Door-to-Door Shipping of Dangerous Goods from China

To automate the process of shipping dangerous cargo from China, we provide our door-to-door shipping services. We will deal with everything from A to Z, picking up your hazardous goods at your warehouse or supplier in China and delivering them straight to your business in any country. Naturally, we will handle crating, labelling, loading, customs clearance, and even final-mile trucking in your destination country.

All you have to do is sit back and relax, while Bacolod handles everything end-to-end. We are your one-stop freight forwarder for dangerous goods import from China.

Dangerous Goods Shipping Rates

The shipping rates differ from one carrier to the next. The weight and size of the cargo, as well as the distance between the Chinese port of origin and the port of destination, are all factors to consider when calculating the shipping rate. In addition to all of this, you must consider the time of year.

Naturally, shipping dangerous goods will be a little more expensive than general cargo, but you can contact us to find out the price.

Dangerous Goods Shipping Rates
Dangerous Goods Handling

Dangerous Goods Handling

Dangerous goods include explosive, flammable gasses, solids, and liquids, oxidizers, toxic/infectious, radioactive, corrosive, and miscellaneous items. At Bacolod, we have experts that know how to handle such cargo. We can properly:

  • Classify products according to the UN code
  • Package products to avoid or minimize accidents (airtight/waterproof containers, etc.)
  • Label products
  • Arrange appropriate transportation
  • Contact the suitable companies and professionals to handle items in the country of destination

With our experience and dedication, your import of dangerous cargo from China will go as smoothly as possible.

FCL Shipping of Dangerous Goods from China

If you have a stable supply chain and wish to import more than 15 CBM of dangerous goods from China, FCL shipping might be for you. We will book any specialized container type that is required for your dangerous goods, and ensure proper loading. Shipping dangerous goods via FCL has many benefits, but you should note that FCL is more expensive than LCL.

LCL Shipping of Dangerous Goods from China

LCL is better for startup importers, as it is cheaper. In LCL, your goods will be consolidated and shipped with goods of another importer. IN dangerous goods shipping, this may be tricky—consolidating goods that will not create a dangerous situation together, such as wooden toys and lighters. However, with our experience, we can coordinate everything in the safest way possible. You will only have to pay per CBM, and we will deal with the rest.

Additional Services for Dangerous Goods Shipping from China

Pickup and Delivery

Bacolod offers specialized pick-up and delivery services for dangerous goods. We arrange guaranteed trucking, careful handling, and suitable truck features for safe delivery.

Shipping to Amazon FBA

Shipping to Amazon FBA is a key route and destination for many importers and distributors. Our experts will prepare labels and packaging according to FBA standards for dangerous goods.


To facilitate pre-shipment processing and freight, we offer you 28 days of free storage in one of our warehouses. We also provide services like:

  • Consolidation
  • Packaging
  • Crating
  • Kitting
Cargo Insurance

Shipping dangerous goods from China may be a risky endeavour, and so we offer you our cargo insurance. It will protect your investment in case of an accident during transit.

Customs Clearance

During dangerous goods shipping from China, customs clearance may be the most challenging and worrying step in the process. This is why Bacolod offers our professional help in preparing documents and navigating taxes. Besides the regular customs paperwork, we will help you with the dangerous goods permit and the material safety data sheet.

Loading Inspection

To protect your dangerous goods during transit and ensure their safe transportation, we can supervise the loading process. Our agents will oversee proper handling techniques, as well as the condition of the container.

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