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Bacolod provides competitive shipping freight from China to UAE for the shipment of goods by sea and by air, especially shipping from China to Dubai, In addition to good shipping prices, we provide stable shipping schedules and the best shipping services.

Our biggest advantage is door-to-door shipping service, you don’t need to worry about customs clearance in UAE, we can handle everything. For FCL containers goods, we offer ample storage spaces and competitive ocean freight because of our good relationship with carriers.

Shipping from China to UAE

Sea Freight Shipping from China to UAE

There are two types of ocean and sea freight services: full container load (FCL) and less than container load (LCL). Several shipments are placed into one container with LCL. Once your shipment reaches 15 cubic metres, FCL is recommended. From any port in China, we can transport your cargo to the ports of Khalifa, Mina Zayed, Musaffah, Jebel Ali, Mina Rashid, and others in the UAE. Most common destinations in the United Arab Emirates are Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Air Freight Shipping from China to UAE

If you are looking for a fast shipping solution to expand your business in the UAE, Bacolod offers excellent air freight services. Our specialists have experience working with all sorts of shipments, such as special, general, OOG, Ro-Ro, dangerous, etc. Customs, insurance, booking the flight, inspection—all these will not be among your worries with Bacolod. Your goods can be shipped to international airports in every emirate, including Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ras al-Khaimah, Fujairah, and Sharjah.

Door to Door Shipping from China to UAE

The most well-known and handy form of shipping your items is door-to-door service. You’ll be free with Bacolod since we’ll take care of everything—from truck freight to customs clearance at the target terminal. This is the most quick and efficient way of transportation that we offer from China to the UAE.



Why Bacolod Can Be Your First Choice for Shipping to UAE

  • The competitive shipping freight from China to Dubai by sea
  • The competitive shipping freight from China to UAE by air
  • Door to door shipping service including customs clearance
  • Consolidate service
  • Free storage service in China
  • Free Paperwork
  • Professional shipping solution
why choose bacolod to be your partner
freght rate to UAE

How Much When Shipping from China to UAE

The cost of shipping from China to the United Arab Emirates varies according to the season. The port, distance, container type, product type, incoterms, and cargo weight all play a role as well.

The typical cost for LCL shipping from China to the UAE is $150 per CBM. For FCL shipping,  20-foot containers cost $700, while 40-foot containers cost $900.

Air freight from China to the UAE amounts to $4-8 per kg.

How Long Does China Shipping Take to UAE

Air freight takes roughly 5-10 days. However, sea freight takes about 18-38 days, depending on the port of discharge and port of arrival. For example, shipping from Shanghai to Abu Dhabi takes 30 days, while shipping from Chiwan to Jebel Ali takes 18 days.

Some reasons for delays may include:

  • Port congestion
  • Weather conditions
  • Scheduling issues
  • Customs clearance

Also, note that door-to-door shipping and FCL shipping take some extra time.

freight time to uae

Additional Services for Shipping from China to the UAE

Pickup and Delivery

You can employ a Bacolod freight service expert to pick up your consignment from your Chinese supplier and deliver it right to the door of your company’s UAE facility.


We have warehouses in many of China’s urban centres, such as Shenzhen and Guangzhou. For 28 days, you can store your items in our facility for processing. Our experts will consolidate orders from different suppliers or break a package into parts that will be dispatched separately later.

Cargo Insurance

Insurance costs vary depending on the form of transportation used, the product type, and many other factors. Bacolod specialists will offer you a suitable insurance plan. Contact us today!

Customs Clearance

The average tariff rate on all types of goods is 5% in the United Arab Emirates, making it one of the lowest tariffs in the world. Because of our expertise, we are able to organize a quick and painless customs clearance in the UAE.

Loading Inspection

The loading inspection ensures that the shipping commodities are processed appropriately and safely loaded into shipping containers for transit to their final destination. Our employees will oversee loading into trucks, vessels, trains, and aircraft.

Leave Your Goods,Bacolod Will Handle The Left

Get an instant shipping quote and let Bacolod handle your shipping from China.
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