Best Freight Forwarder China to South Africa

Bacolod handles any kind of shipment of goods from any port in China to South Africa based on the best shipping solution and competitive shipping freight. Our biggest advantage is door-to-door shipping service and customs clearance in South Africa.

Even you are an individual, you just need to pick up the goods from our warehouse in Johannesburg after we released the shipping goods and do nothing. For full container shipment goods, we provide available spaces from carriers every week based on the competitive sea freight.

Shipping from China to South Africa

Sea Freight Shipping from China to South Africa

South Africa is the third richest country in Africa, and thus an important trading partner with China. If your business needs to import goods from China to South Africa, Bacolod is ready to help. We will organize all shipping logistics in maritime freight. Dispatched from any port in China, your goods can arrive to any of the 8 ports in South Africa. These ports are Richards Bay, Durban, East London, Ngqura, Port Elizabeth, Mossel Bay, Cape Town and Saldanha. We operate with both large FCL and small LCL shipments, offering additional services.

Air Freight Shipping from China to South Africa

In case you request expedient shipping to South Africa from China, we will arrange an ideal solution via air freight. Your cargo can be shipped to airports located in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Nelspruit, Polokwane, and Port Elizabeth. Our expertise allows us to network with many airlines and carriers, as well as thoroughly plan everything from scheduling to packing to customs clearance.



Door to Door Shipping from China to South Africa

Bacolod will handle door-to-door services for you as a professional freight forwarder. We arrange services such as business-to-business, port-to-port, and others. We can collect your cargo from any location in China, as well as organize truck freight and loading. Door-to-door shipping also involves multimodal transport and hybrid shipping solutions. Contact us for a stressless outsourcing experience from China to South Africa.



Why Bacolod Can Be Your First Choice for Shipping to South Africa

  • The best shipping freight from China to South Africa by sea and by air
  • Available spaces for FCL containers to South Africa seaport
  • Handling sensitive cargo
  • Door to door shipping service even you are an individual
  • professional brokerage both in China and South Africa
  • Consolidate service in China
  • Free storage in China
  • Free Paperwork
  • Warehouse in Johannesburg
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How Much When Shipping from China to South Africa

The cost of shipping is determined by the specifics of your order, such as port of destination, product type, container size, season of shipment, etc.

The cost of shipping from China to South Africa by sea freight is determined by the FCL and LCL options. The cheapest shipping from China to South Africa is FCL shipping, which costs $1800-1900 for a 20ft container. LCL shipping is $25 per CBM. Air freight costs about $2-5 per kg.

Contact us for a more personalized estimate of cost.

How Long Does China Shipping Take to South Africa

Shipping time from China to South Africa is approximately 25 days by sea freight and approximately 5 days by air freight.

Many factors, however, influence shipping time. For example, the distance between the Chinese and the South African port is critical. Whether your shipment is FCL or LCL affects transportation time—due to item consolidation, LCL takes longer. Any additional services, as well as port congestion and customs, will add to journey time.

If you choose Bacolod, we will keep you informed about the whereabouts of your cargo while it travels to South Africa, duly updating all tracking.

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Additional Services for Shipping from China to South Africa

Pickup and Delivery

In addition to our port-to-port shipping services, we offer personalized pick-up and delivery. If you simply supply the addresses and any special instructions, we will swiftly arrange any freight service that you require.


Do you need a location to keep and process your packages before they are sent out? Look no further since Bacolod warehouses in convenient locations such as Shenzhen and Guangzhou have space available for your items.

Cargo Insurance

During shipment, a variety of things can go wrong, damaging your items and hurting your investment. Bacolod can supply you with outstanding cargo insurance to safeguard you from such losses.

Customs Clearance

Most imports to South Africa are subject to VAT, which is calculated at 14% of the FOB value plus any tax and excise due, plus a 10% uplift. If all this sounds confusing, then our professional customs clearance service will come in handy. Simply request it and all your customs will go smoothly.

Loading Inspection

During loading inspection, we’ll keep an eye out for any inappropriate loading or packaging, lowering the possibilities of your products becoming lost or damaged.

Leave Your Goods,Bacolod Will Handle The Left

Get an instant shipping quote and let Bacolod handle your shipping from China.
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