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The modes of business have changed drastically in recent times. This has increased the importance of warehousing and fulfilment services. Bacolod knows that this is a booming segment which is why we have established warehouses in major economic centres of China, such as Yiwu and Shanghai.

Our clients enjoy many advantages like free storage and value-added services. We can process your shipment and prepare it for its journey to any location of the world. Our warehousing staff can consolidate, assemble, sort, package, track, and much more. If you are looking for a trusted company that can help you with warehousing and fulfilment services, Bacolod is one of the best options presently operating in the market.

Why Bacolod Can Be Your Top Choice for Warehousing in China

Here are a few reasons which qualify Bacolod to be one of the top choices for warehousing and fulfilment in China:

    • Convenient locations
    • Great customer support
    • Large selection of services
Why Bacolod Can Be Your Top Choice for Warehousing in China
28 Days Free Warehouse Use

28 Days Free Warehouse Use

Warehousing is the key to a successful business. In case you don’t have a warehouse in China, the chances of successful and stress-free import diminish. However, Bacolod offers a one-of-a-kind service of 28 days of warehouse use for free. So if you don’t have a warehouse, there’s no need to worry because thanks to Bacolod, the lack of a warehouse won’t stop your business from growing.

Get our services and reap the benefits of 28 days of free warehouse use in major cities in China. In these 28 days, we can consolidate, sort, and package your cargo, preparing it for freight.

Warehouse Consolidation in China

Warehouse consolidation means sharing a single warehouse for various consignments by different businesses. It is also a great service for LCL shipments or importers that send shipments containing products from different suppliers. Essentially, we will combine items into one space.

This is a great practice because not all small businesses have the budget and the capacity to get separate warehouses or containers for themselves. Also, many distributors like to sell different items instead of focusing on one.

Bacolod offers warehouse consolidation in China, so you are not pushed back by the lack of resources. This also helps in bringing down the cost of operations which is the key to success for small businesses.

Warehouse Consolidation in China
Warehouse Product Packaging in China

Warehouse Product Packaging in China

Bacolod’s services are not just limited to the provision of 28-day free warehousing space and warehouse consolidation. Rather, we go beyond this and offer several other services related to this field. Product packaging and packing are services commonly requested by our clients. Packaging tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Pallet Selection
  • Crating
  • Distribution in boxes

We can also offer reinforced packaging for fragile items and special lashing for OOG goods. It is due to these services that our customers report a 100% satisfaction rate and choose Bacolod’s services time and again.

Warehouse Labelling in China

Warehouse labelling in China is another service that Bacolod performs for its clients. The purpose of providing such services is to help those customers who are new to the field and not well versed in it. We can label your pallets, crates, boxes, and packaging according to specific standards, such as FBA ones. Our experts will also provide advice on labels.

To ensure smooth customs clearance, we take labelling seriously. As such, Bacolod provides a strong foundation to our customers, helping them grow in the future. You can request Bacolod’s services related to warehouse labelling in China and get instant results.

Warehouse Labelling in China
E-Commerce Fulfilment in China

E-Commerce Fulfilment in China

The thriving e-commerce segment has attracted heavy investments from around the globe. This has also given rise to new business modes such as e-commerce fulfilment in China. Bacolod professionals are knowledgeable in this field as well.

While choosing an e-commerce fulfilment service provider, you have to be certain that the company you are choosing is the best in its field because this is a tricky task, and the company must be proficient in it. As part of this service, we provide comprehensive inventory control, quality control, and tracking. We offer great logistics and suitable strategizing on the supply chain of your e-commerce fulfilment from China.

Advantages of Warehousing in China

Warehousing is not an easy task. That’s because it consists of several processes such as inventory management, transportation, and fulfilment. And Bacolod provides these with great dedication.

This is why warehousing in China with Bacolod has the following benefits:

  • Efficient supply chain logistics
  • Low operational costs
  • High-quality, professional approach

With Bacolod, you will be better equipped to stand against your competitors. Our value-added services along with free storage space present clear benefits for importers. Besides this, when you export goods from China to other countries, you need to have a storage process for ensuring optimal delivery services. Warehousing in China offers you the chance to do so with ease.

Advantages of Warehousing in China

Bacolod Warehouse In Different Cities

Shenzhen Warehouse

Shenzhen is one of the most important Chinese business hubs: part of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road and part of Guangdong’s bonded logistics park. Thus, Bacolod proudly presents our Shenzhen warehouse with many advantages and services.

Guangzhou Warehouse

Guangzhou is another important location for businesses, known for its Canton Fair. Many importers ship from Guangzhou. Bacolod’s Guangzhou warehouse is close to the port and various factories, helping to facilitate the supply chain from China.

Yiwu Warehouse

Bacolod recognizes that Yiwu is an important port that is connected to several international ports. So, we have our fully operational warehouse in Yiwu. Our advanced warehouse management system helps us support businesses in Yiwu and all over the world.

Shanghai Warehouse

Shanghai’s container port is the busiest in the world and it was China’s first city to establish a Free-Trade Zone. As such, by having a warehouse here, Bacolod easily ships various types of goods all over the world. Any goods that you have to ship from Shanghai, we can store for free.

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