FCL Shipping From China

FCL shipping is an extremely popular way to ship products from China to destinations all over the world. Naturally, Bacolod operates to deliver all sorts of FCL shipments for our clients. We cooperate with well-known carriers like COSCO, OOCL, APL, EMC, MSK, and HMM to ensure smooth freight schedules, guaranteed loading, and lower rates.

Our professional forwarders will get you a container of any size and type, including 20ft, 40ft, 45HQ, open-top, flat-rack, reefer, etc. Whatever your needs are, we will arrange everything. Besides this, we will book the freight, offer tracking, process your shipment beforehand, supervise loading, and much more.

Why Bacolod Can Be Your Top Choice for FCL Shipping from China

Here are some of the features that have helped us in becoming the top choice for FCL shipping to China:

    • Professional documentation
    • Great customer support
    • Impressive loading inspection at reasonable rates
Why Bacolod Can Be Your Top Choice for FCL Shipping from China
FCL Dry Container

FCL Dry Container

FCL Dry Container is the term that is used in the shipping segment for Full Container Load filled with non-temperature sensitive dry items. This goes without saying but dry containers are the easiest to handle as they don’t require special conditions such as refrigeration etc.

FCL dry containers are available in both 20-feet and 40-feet sizes. So, customers, depending upon their requirements, can decide which of the two suits them the most. If you need 33 CBM of space, a 20ft dry container would suffice. However, if you have closer to 66 CBM of cargo, a 40ft container is more suitable.

Bacolod books FCL dry containers for your general cargo requirements, and they cost around $1500. Contact us if you wish to learn more!

FCL OOG Shipping

OOG is the acronym used for Out Of Gauge shipping. This term is used in the shipping segment for shipping consignments that are so big that they can’t fit inside any container.

The rates for the FCL OOG Shipping are higher than those of normal shipments. This is primarily because the transporters have to arrange special means of transportation and delivery for such consignments.

For instance, FCL OOG shipments have to be packaged in a special way. Also, special containers like open-top are used to fit OOG items into a container for safe transportation. Every OOG cargo would need customized handling, and Bacolod gladly offers this for you.

FCL OOG Shipping
Door-to-Door FCL Delivery

Door-to-Door FCL Delivery

Door-to-door FCL delivery, as the name gives away, refers to the shipment method in which the transporter is responsible for picking up the goods from any address in China, and then delivering them at the door of the recipient.

International door-to-door FCL shipping services are usually costly because they involve multimodal or intermodal shipping methods. We will require cargo trucks or rail freight to deliver your FCL consignment from port or airport to your requested location. However, this is not difficult for our talented agents.

FCL Container Cost

Full container load cost varies depending upon the type of the FCL chosen. For a dry container FCL shipment, the rates are lower than those of an FCL shipment that requires special conditions such as temperature and special care.

Another factor that affects the FCL container cost is how far the consignment has to be sent. For example, if you have to send FCL from China to Malaysia, the cost will be much lower than the FCL container cost from China to Canada. Usually, however, the cost for 1 FCL container can range from $1000 to $9000. The size of the container matters as well.

If you contact us with some information about your shipment, we will give you an accurate estimate of what price to expect.

FCL Container Cost
Any FCL Container Type

Any FCL Container Type

FCL containers can be of various types, such as dry storage FCL containers, open-top FCL containers, flat-rack FCL containers, special purpose FCL containers, refrigerated FCL containers, etc.

Each FCL container type has its own cost, which is directly dependent upon the care that the transporter has to take while delivering the consignment. Thus for the FCL container types where the transporter isn’t much concerned about timely delivery and temperature maintenance of the goods, the rates are lower.

Bacolod works with all types of containers, so we happy to offer our services and expertise for shipping any special cargo from China.

Additional Services for FCL Shipping from China

Pickup and Delivery

When it comes to pick-up and delivery services, Bacolod has the distinction of being the best in this field mainly because of its customer-driven approach. Our FCL guaranteed trucking services ensure that everything arrives on time.

Shipping to Amazon FBA

We recognize the importance of Amazon FBA and have dedicated a lot of time to fully understanding the Amazon delivery rules. This separates us from others in the market as we are fully equipped to handle your needs.


If you want to determine how well-set a shipping company is, just take a look at its warehousing system. Our warehouses are present in all the major areas of China, and we offer many services to prepare your goods for FCL shipment.

Cargo Insurance

All those aware of the complications of the FCL shipping field know how important cargo insurance services are. Get assistance from Bacolod to save yourself from huge monetary losses.

Customs Clearance

Customs clearance is a gruelling and intricate process. This is where importers make the most mistakes. This is why we offer you the chance of getting help from Bacolod to make your customs clearance process a breeze. We will prepare paperwork and guide your through taxes for your FCL shipment from China.

Loading Inspection

Loading and unloading are the two steps in which most damage to your goods takes place. Go for the FCL loading inspection services of Bacolod and you will see for yourself why we are considered one of the best in this regard.

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