Shipping from China to USA

Bacolod provides the best shipping price for shipping goods from China to the USA by sea and by air. We offer enough spaces for 20ft and 40ft shipment goods from every loading port in China based on competitive ocean freight. Bacolod provides door-to-door shipping service by sea and by air even you have not bonded in the USA.

According to the transportation budget of customers’ Amazon goods, we provide two kinds of transportation services by sea: fast ship (20-25days) and slow ship (30-35days). Meanwhile, Our company provides different shipping routes to avoid congestion problems in certain ports in the United States to ensure customer delivery time. In addition to shipping by sea, our company also provides daily direct flights for shipping goods from China to the USA based on good prices。

Sea Freight Shipping from China to USA

Bacolod provides enough space and a stable shipping schedule for shipping goods from China to the USA by sea based on competitive shipping freight. At the same time, because of congestion at some U.S. base ports, we offer flexible shipping routes to reduce our customers’ shipping costs and save shipping time.

Air Freight Shipping from China to USA

Based on the cost of transportation, for shipping goods from China to the United States by air, our company has three kinds of fast, medium, and slow transportation services for customers to choose. We offer competitive rates for airfreight service from any airport in China to any airport in the United States.

Door to Door Shipping from China to USA

Our biggest advantage is our door-to-door transportation service for shipping goods from China to the USA by sea and by air based on the best shipping freight, Even our customers just receive the goods at the warehouse without doing any paperwork.

Shipping from China to Amazon FBA

Bacolod is very professional providing shipping services by and by air for shipping goods to Amazon FBA and we offer the best shipping freight, We are very familiar with Amazon’s operating rules, We know how to pack goods, how to label them professionally, and how to deliver them quickly. Even if you are a personal seller and don’t need to do any paperwork type work.

Cheapest Shipping from China to US

Bacolod offers professional ocean freight services for oversize cargo from China to the USA, such as OT containers and FR containers. We provide very professional inland transportation, reinforcement services, and fast inbound services. Because of the huge price range for OOG containers, we can apply for good shipping rates based on our good relationship with shipping companies.

How Long & How Much Shipping from China to US

For some oversize cargoes that are not suitable for loading into containers, we provide bulk-cargo and Roll-Roll shipping service based on extensive operational experience and very good transport prices.




Best Freight Forwarder China to US

  • Competitive shipping freight
  • Enough spaces from Carrier from China to USA for FCL shipment goods
  • Door to Door shipping service
  • Paper work in China and USA
  • Consolidate service
  • Free Bond service
  • FBA shipping service
  • Warehouse&Distribution
Why Bacolod Can be Your First Choice For Shipping to USA
FCL Shipping from China to USA

FCL & LCL Shipping from China to USA

We have contract rates with carriers that will reduce your shipping costs. If you choose the FCL to ship your goods to the USA, Bansar is your best logistics partner. Besides the competitive ocean freight rates, Bansar provides the best service in the destination port.

How Long Does Shipping from China to the USA Take

Shipping time from China to the USA can take various amounts of time, depending on the mode of freight. Typical wait times are 8–10 days for air freight, and 30–40 days for ocean freight under normal circumstances. Shipping time will be longer for door-to-door freight and LCL shipping, not to mention customs complications, port congestion, and other factors.

LCL takes up to a week longer than FCL due to consolidation, and door-to-door takes longer because your freight forwarder will arrange not only main freight, but also trucking and transshipment.

Less Container Load
Cargo ship

How Much Does Shipping from China to the USA Cost

The average freight prices for the different shipping methods range depending on many factors. Such factors include:

●      Distance

●      Destination

●      Season

●      Weight of cargo

●      Mode of shipping

●      Type of product

Overall, it costs $4 to $8 per kg for air freight from China to the US and $3000-$3900 per FCL container for sea freight from China to the US. You should also keep in mind port fees, customs taxes, and other expenses. Bacolod professionals will help you calculate all this.

In the shipping industry, shipments that use the entire container are referred to as FCLs, or full container loads. You can test the services of Bacolod if you want to ship your goods to the United States and are looking for an FCL shipping agency in China.

We make sure that your items are delivered as fast as possible in addition to offering you the cheapest rates. Our FCL services range from final-mile assured trucking to pre-shipment preparations including repackaging. We will also book the right container for you, such as 20ft or 45HQ, reefer or flat rack. Everything will be expertly set up by our shipping specialists.

LCL Shipping from China to the USA

If a single container is shared by several consignments, it is referred to as LCL or less than container load. For those wishing to reduce the overall cost of transporting their shipments, this is a helpful strategy. FCL shipping to the USA may be expensive, so LCL is a great choice, especially for small businesses.

Being one of the top LCL shipping brokers in China, Bacolod is convinced that it is equipped to meet the demands of the majority of clients. We can consolidate, track, and ship products from China to the US any time.

Additional Services for Shipping from China to US

Pickup and Delivery

We pick up the shipment goods from anywhere in China and delivery to anywhere in the world.

Shipping to Amazon FBA

We have been working with Amazon sellers for 7 years, so we know how the Amazon system works and we are professionals handing shipment goods from China to FBA warehouses around the world.


We provide free storage service in our China warehouse and consolidate your shipment of goods from different suppliers, and we are professional in loading and reinforcing.

Cargo Insurance

We have a contract with the insurance company every year to ensure that your goods are paid for in the event of damage or loss.

Customs Clearance

We are familiar with customs clearance policies in China and other countries, so we provide very good customs clearance services and release goods fast.

Loading Inspection

We provide professional inspection service if you are worried about the quality and quantity of your goods.


We have contract prices below the market with DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT to ensure that your goods are dispatched and arrived quickly.

Leave Your Goods,Bacolod Will Handle The Left

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