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Rail freight is a great alternative to air freight and sea freight, and it is a viable option for import into landlocked countries from China. Rail freight is faster than sea freight and cheaper than air freight, making it a perfect solution for many importers. Thus, Bacolod has gained experience in organizing rail freight all over the world.

Common rail freight destination from China include Europe and the UK. We can also arrange transshipment that includes rail freight for a door-to-door service. All in all, Bacolod takes pride in our range of services and readiness to work with rail freight carriers and routes. We handle all types of goods—general and special.

Simply contact us, and our professional forwarder agents will come up with a personalized approach to your import from China.

Why Bacolod Can Be Your First Choice for Rail Freight in China

At Bacolod, we provide:

    • Coordinated rail freight routes
    • FCL and LCL services
    • Personalized approach
    • Range of value-added services
Why Bacolod Can Be Your First Choice for Rail Freight in China
Railway Carriage

Railway Carriage

A freight train, also known as a cargo train or goods train, is a group of freight cars pulled by one or more locomotives. This carriage transports cargo all or part of the way between the shipper in China and the destination in another country.

Bacolod organizes such logistics chains by booking specially built cars, trains can transport bulk material, intermodal containers, general freight or specialised freight containers.

A variety of goods wagons are used in rail freight. Below is a summary of rail freight car types and the type of cargo these cars are used for. You can request any railway carriage type depending on your needs.

Box cars/covered wagons General cargo
Flat cars Heavy, OOG loads
Well wagons Ro-Ro
Refrigerator/reefer Perishable goods
Open-topped wagons Dry bulk (e.g. coal)
Tankers Liquid bulk (fuel)

Assistance in Producing All The Necessary Documentation.

Bacolod offer customs clearance and cargo insurance services. We will prepare all necessary documentation for both processes. Speaking of customs, we can handle a whole list of declarations, licenses, and other paperwork that will ensure smooth clearance at the border for your rail freighted cargo from China. Some documents we can handle include:

  • Commercial invoice
  • Packing list
  • Bill of lading
  • Arrival notice

We will help with all stages of the customs clearance process, including paperwork verification, customs officer check, tax payment, and release of shipment.

Assistance in Producing All The Necessary Documentation.
China Railway Container Tracking

China Railway Container Tracking

Bacolod provides customers with fully-integrated logistics and containerized transportation as one of the world’s leading international logistics companies.

When your shipment is being transported by rail from China to another country, it will simply take a few minutes to locate and track it. Upon inquiry, our agents will check your shipment status and effectively communite transit progress or delays to you.

Our container online tracking tool allows users to track containers across China’s railways. When container shipments are transferred over international borders, we will be able to maintain the integrity of tracking in real time. We will also provide you with a tracking number, so that you can keep an eye on tracking using online tools.

Rail Freight Shipping Routes from China

Rail freight from China to the rest of the world is possible via a variety of railways. A significant rail route connects to the Trans-Siberian Railway, beginning in northern China. This route is a key junction for rail freight movements in the western area. Furthermore, this line offers a solution for the transportation of large OOG and bulk cargo.

The two primary freight rail routes for full container loads (FCL) each have a number of sub-routes. For freight to and from south and central China, such as the regions surrounding Chengdu, Chongqing, and Zhengzhou, the southern route through Kazakhstan and southern Russia is the best option. Container transport for the northern regions of Beijing, Changchun, Dalian, and Shenyang is excellent via the northern route across Siberia.

Maaszewicze and Warsaw in Poland, as well as Duisburg and Hamburg in Germany are the most significant rail terminals in Europe. Some other routes are Yiwu-Madrid, Yiwu-London, Southern Route, and others.

Rail Freight Shipping Routes from China
FCL Rail Freight from China

You don’t have to have enough cargo to fill a whole container when shipping FCL. A partially filled container can be shipped as an FCL as well. The advantage is that your cargo will not share a container with other shipments, as would be the case if you choose a less-than-container-load option (LCL).

For rail freight from China, FCL is an affordable and quick shipping solution. For all types of goods, including general cargo, OOG, bulk or breakbulk, hazardous items, and Ro-Ro, we can arrange freight, transshipment, and last mile truck freight.

You can select from a variety of container sizes and types to better suit your shipment. Special cargo requires special containers, and Bacolod is ready to prepare them for your rail freight from China.

LCL Rail Freight from China

If a shipment contains insufficient products to fill a fully filled container, we can arrange for your cargo to be booked as LCL rail freight.

A Bacolod freight forwarder will book a full container, collect products from various shippers, and consolidate them into a single container. We will then separate these products at the port of destination or at the transshipment point, as they are intended for distinct consignees in various ports.

LCL rail freight from China is perfect if you have less than 15 CBM of cargo. Our services fully support such mode of transit.

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