Best Freight Forwarder from China to Latvia

Bacolod offers the best shipping freight for the shipment of goods from China to Latvia by sea and by air, We have stable spaces for FCL containers from the carrier from China loading port to Riga every week, Bacolod provides LCL shipment goods to Riga and collects lower destination charge. We have rich experiences handling professional door-to-door shipping services from China to Latvia.

Shipping from China to Latvia

Sea Freight Shipping from China to Latvia

Sea freight may be an alternative if your supplier is located near a major Chinese port. Water connects China with Latvia, which is the most cost-effective way to carry large or heavy items. We will arrange DDP or DDU sea freight with FCL or LCL cargo in containers of any size or with any special feature. Starting from any port in China, such as Shanghai or Ningbo, our agents will organize shipping to any port in Latvia, such as in Riga, Liepaja, and Ventspils.

Air Freight Shipping from China to Latvia

Flying is the only means of transportation that can compete with the alternatives, thanks to China’s regular flights to Latvia’s main airports. If you need your shipment to arrive from China to Latvia as quickly as possible, we will arrange for efficient air freight. We will contact the airline, work within your timelines and budget, as well as oversee tracking. Your shipment can be sent to any airport in Latvia, such as in Riga, Liepaja, and Daugavpils.

Rail Freight Shipping

Rail freight is increasingly becoming more popular for European import from China. We can arrange rail freight from Xi’an to Riga via Belorussian railway or Kazakhstan. Another route starts from Ürümqi in China, traveling to Riga. We can organize truck freight from there to your desired location.



Door to Door Shipping from China to Latvia

Note that air freight usually only involves delivering items to a Latvian airport, not to the inventory’s final destination. To get your shipment to its final destination, you’ll need to supply additional shipping services. The only exception is if you have arranged for Bacolod door-to-door delivery. As previously indicated, door-to-door delivery enables the coordination of products transportation from the airport to the ultimate destination, as well as customs clearance through Latvian customs.

Loading Inspection

The inspection is done to ensure that the items are handled correctly and placed safely into shipping containers for safe transportation and delivery to the final destination. CCIC employs the internationally acknowledged ANSI/ASQC Z1.4 (ISO 2859-1) statistical sampling approach for all inspections. Functionality, performance, durability, overall beauty, and dimension are all covered by these extensive requirements.


Customs Clearance

Most goods imported to Latvia are taxed at 21%. Also, some products may be taxes differently according to the EU HS codes. Bacolod professionals will handle all paperwork, pay taxes at customs, broker a smooth customs clearance, and represent you with diligence.





Why Bacolod Can Be Your First Choice for Shipping to Latvia

  • Competitive shipping freight by sea and by air from China to Latvia
  • Door to door shipping service
  • Enough spaces for FCL shipment goods
  • Consolidate service
  • Free storage charge
  • Profession Paper work
  • Pick up anywhere in China
Our Advantages
How Much When Shipping from China to Japan?

How Much When Shipping from China to Latvia

The cost of delivery from China to Latvia depends on:

  • Incoterms
  • Product type
  • Size and weight of cargo
  • Shipping methods
  • Exact distance

Typical LCL shipping from China to the EU can cost about $80 per cubic meter. On average, the shipping cost from China to Latvia for FCL shipping is around $1000-1400.

If you want to ship by air, the cost will be around $3-8 per kg of cargo.

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How Long Does China Shipping Take to Latvia

Standard air freight from China to Latvia takes about 7-12 days.

Sea freight from China to Latvia takes, on average, 35-50 days. Ocean liners often move slowly to save fuel. Also, there are port congestion and customs delays. Exact time depends on the distance. For example, shipping from Guangzhou to Riga is faster than shipping from Dalina.

Rail freight to Riga takes about 25-30 days.

Additional Services for Shipping from China to Latvia

Pickup and Delivery

Bacolod is available to assist you with pickup and delivery of cargo from China to Latvia.

We can dispatch a delivery agent to your supplier’s address to pick up your package and bring it to your preferred location. Bacolod has strong ties to major air and sea transport lines, such as TK, QR, Maersk, ZIM, COSCO, ET, CX, AY, that offer the most competitive rates.


We offer warehousing services, so you can request us to process and store your goods before they are sent to Latvia. For 28 days, our clients get free storage space in some key locations in China, such as Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

Cargo Insurance

Our cargo insurance service means that we will contract transport insurance on your behalf, advising you reasonable insurance rates and incoterms. Insurance covers the loss or damage of goods during shipment from China to Latvia. Usually, cargo insurance costs during freight to Latvia are typically around 0.7% – 2% of the value of your goods.

Leave Your Goods,Bacolod Will Handle The Left

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