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Bacolod is a seasoned logistics business that exudes enthusiasm and initiative. Our area of expertise includes multi-transportation, air freight, bulk cargo loading, marine freight, customs consultancy, and more. Chartering, reserving space on ships, customs declaration, inspection, insurance, trucking, warehousing, delivery, and other high-quality services are among the ones we offer.

From China’s major port of Dalian, our freight forwarder agents will arrange the ideal shipping solution for you. Dalian Port is key for international trade with Northeastern China. Moreover, ​​together with the Dalian Railway Station, Dalian North Railway Station, Dalian International Airport, Dalian has become an important distribution centre serviced by professional freight forwarders.

Why Bacolod Can Be Your Top Choice for Dalian Freight Forwarders

Dalian freight agents from Bacolod offer many benefits, such as:

    • Fast routing and scheduling coordination
    • Individual approach
    • Effective and budget-friendly strategizing
Sea Freight Shipping from Dalian

Sea Freight Shipping from Dalian

Sea freight from the port of Dalian, the port in China that is furthest north, is significant for trade with North Asia, East Asia, and the Pacific Rim. Additionally, it is Northeast China’s largest multi-purpose port, and China’s second-largest container transshipment hub.

With this in mind, Bacolod Dalian freight forwarders continually advance their expertise and specialty. In sea freight services, we can handle general cargo, dry and liquid bulk, OOG, and hazardous items. We follow international safety protocols and service standards to provide you with the best sea freight solution possible.

Air Freight Shipping from Dalian

If you need fast delivery to maintain your inventory or open your shop in time, our agents can arrange air freight from Dalian. Your cargo will arrive in a matter of days! This option is great for cargo weighing around 100-300 kg.

Our Dalian agents will communicate with partnering carriers, book the flight, take care of delivery tracking, and much more. Not to forget, we will also complete customs clearance at the destination airport. Our one-stop solution is worth a try.

Air Freight Shipping from Dalian
Door-to-Door Shipping from Dalian

Door-to-Door Shipping from Dalian

Door-to-door shipping is the most common service of logistics companies. This type of multimodal shipping presents a flexible solution for busy importers. We will handle everything from A to Z—from pick-up in Dalian to final-mile trucking in your location in another country.

Simply give us the addresses and some basic information and wait—our agents will take care of the entire process.

Dalian Cargo Tracking Service

Our advanced tracking system will always let you know of any updates concerning your shipment from Dalian. You will know what ports were passed, navigational status, course, area, ETA, speed, customs status, cargo condition, and more. In addition, we can send you photos and videos as reports.

Bacolod Dalian freight forwarder tracking is a crucial service for maintaining trust and transparency for our clients. Choose us and never worry about your cargo.

Dalian Cargo Tracking Service
FCL Shipping from Dalian

FCL shipping from Dalian is perfect for middle-sized businesses with established supply chains looking to ship large quantities of goods. We can book the right container for you, as well as handle it at every step of the way. Our talented freight forwarders will recommend the suitable container type, such as flat rack or reefer.

In addition, we will track your container, supervise loading, and more. Import your goods using Bacolod’s FCL shipping services to get the best deal in Dalian.

LCL Shipping from Dalian

For small and start-up importers, LCL shipping from Dalian is the ideal solution. If you have less than 15 CBM of cargo, we will coordinate your LCL shipment. To prevent intermixing, confusion, and loss of items, our freight forwarders will professionally label and track your cargo.

Dalian freight agents from Bacolod will plan and organize everything to ensure that your needs and deadlines are met.

Additional Services for Dalian Freight Forwarders

Pickup and Delivery

You can give us the address for pick-up in Dalian, and we will promptly deliver your goods to the port, airport, or all the way to your location in another country.

Shipping to Amazon FBA

Shipping from Dalian to an Amazon FBA location is as easy as ever with Bacolod. Our freight agents will prepare and ship your items anywhere in the world.


Bacolod’s warehousing capabilities in Dalian amaze our clients. We not only offer free storage, but also a range of value-added services for one-stop freight forwarding.

Cargo Insurance

By paying an extra 2-3%, you can protect yourself from large financial losses in case your cargo is damaged or lost. Bacolod Dalian freight forwarders offer premium cargo insurance to all our clients.

Customs Clearance

The expertise of Dalian freight forwarders really shows during the customs clearance procedures. Bacolod agents will professionally prepare documents and navigate you through fees and taxes at the border.

Loading Inspection

To prevent damage or loss of your items, Bacolod freight agents in Dalian will supervise the loading procedure. We will also:

  • Inspect container conditions
  • Enforce international loading safety standards
  • Optimize the use of space in the container

Leave Your Goods,Bacolod Will Handle The Left

Get an instant shipping quote and let Bacolod handle your shipping from China.
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