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Bacolod is one of the top freight forwarders in Guangzhou. We cover a large range of freight services and beyond. This is your one-stop logistics company to handle all your shipping, storage, and paperwork needs. As Guangzhou is an important economic centre for all sorts of export worldwide, our Guangzhou agents have lots of experience in organizing everything.

We coordinate the shipment of commodities from Guangzhou to another country via a single or numerous carriers. This can be accomplished by air, sea, train, or road freight. Bacolod freight forwarders will deliver your goods in good condition and at a reasonable cost. If you need your goods to be repackaged, loaded, or labelled, our Guangzhou agent will offer these services and more.

Why Bacolod Can Be Your Top Choice for Guangzhou Freight Forwarders

  • We handle everything from A to Z
  • We cooperate with multiple well-known global carriers
  • We will support you and your shipment 24/7
Why Bacolod Can Be Your Top Choice for Guangzhou Freight Forwarders
Sea Freight Shipping from Guangzhou

Sea Freight Shipping from Guangzhou

Bacolod has mastered organizing sea freight shipping from Guangzhou. Guangzhou Port is one of the most important in China, and is a major transshipment port. Our freight forwarders have accumulated lots of experience in arranging freight from Guangzhou to any corner of the world.

Having worked with all sorts of goods, Guangzhou freight forwarders know how to approach any sea freight challenge. Depending on the destination, sea freight can take from 5 to 60 days, but the prices are affordable with Bacolod.

Air Freight Shipping from Guangzhou

If you need fast shipping for high-value or time-sensitive goods, Bacolod Guangzhou freight forwarders will gladly help. We offer reliable air freight from China to any country. Taking off from the Guangzhou airport, your cargo will arrive within 2-20 days. Our agents will book the flight with a carrier, supervise loading, oversee customs clearance and paperwork at the airports.

Because of our partnerships, we provide low rates even for expensive air freight. We work with various airlines, including several Chinese options. Also, remember that you cannot ship everything via air: some goods are either prohibited or restricted. Your Bacolod freight forwarder in Guangzhou will help you figure out what to ship.

Air Freight Shipping from Guangzhou
Door-to-Door Shipping from Guangzhou

Door-to-Door Shipping from Guangzhou

If you are busy and would like to hire an agent to handle everything for you, Bacolod offers door-to-door freight agents in Guangzhou. Not only will we organize freight, but also warehousing, trucking, customs clearance, quality control, and more. We collaborate with COSCO, OOCL, APL, EMC, MSK, and HMM carriers to develop a multimodal freight route ideal for your situation.

Door-to-door shipping from Guangzhou would take longer than other types of freight, but you would not have to worry about a thing. Freight forwarders will pick up your shipment from Guangzhou, safely sending it along.

Container Loading Supervision Service

Before shipping, it is important to ensure proper loading into containers and on board. Our freight forwarders in Guangzhou will do just that. We have specialists that will inspect the quality of loading, conditions of the container, quality of lashing–especially on OOG goods, and much more.

Our container loading and unloading supervision services in Guangzhou help prevent damage and theft of your shipment, protecting your investment.

Container Loading Supervision Service
FCL Shipping from Guangzhou

Bacolod Guangzhou freight forwarders will process your FCL shipment for transit. We will load your container, optimizing the use of space and pallets, as well as much more. If you are importing a large amount of cargo, our FCL services are for you.

Besides that, our freight agents in Guangzhou will arrange the best route and schedule, preparing documentation, storing and packaging your cargo, advising on insurance cover, etc. We support Guangzhou freight forwarding to any global destination.

LCL Shipping from Guangzhou

If you have less than 15 CBM of cargo, then our LCL shipping from Guangzhou is the best option for you. Bacolod agents will consolidate your items along with the items of another importer into one container. Thus, your shipping costs will be lower.

We can consolidate cargo in our Guangzhou warehouse, and then easily ship it from the port of Guangzhou. This is a prime location for freight logistics, and Bacolod proudly services countless clients in the area.

Additional Services for Guangzhou Freight Forwarders

Pickup and Delivery

If you have a supplier in Guangzhou, our freight forwarders will arrange pick-up from that address, delivering to any other location, such as a warehouse, port, or airport.

Shipping to Amazon FBA

Shipping from Guangzhou to FBA is something ou freight agents have vast experience in. FBA distribution and e-commerce businesses benefit greatly from our help.


Naturally for a Guangzhou freight forwarder, we have a warehouse stationed in the area to offer free storage and other value-added services for our clients. We can assemble, inspect quality, manage inventory, repackage, sort, and much more.

Cargo Insurance

Bacolod cargo insurance will help you save your investment in case something happens during transit. Insurance fee is 1-3% is an ideal solution to keep your peace of mind.

Customs Clearance

Our professional Guangzhou freight forwarding agents have expertise in clearing customs quickly and without issues. We will prepare all the necessary documents, communicate with the customs officials, and help you navigate fees and taxes.

Loading Inspection

Guangzhou freight forwarders will supervise loading and unloading of your goods to or from containers and trucks. Not only general dry cargo, but we can also work with specialized lashing of OOG goods, and packaging of hazardous items.

Leave Your Goods,Bacolod Will Handle The Left

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