Qingdao Freight Forwarders

Bacolod Qingdao freight forwarder agents are always proud to help any importer ship products abroad. As Qingdao harbours many industrial zones, our employees have experience shipping special cargo like OOG and hazardous items. We know how to properly secure, load, and declare such shipments, providing you with a smooth freight process.

Moreover, Qingdao seaport has cooperative relations with 450 ports in 130 countries worldwide, and the Qingdao airport services 13 airlines going along 94 different routes. This area is highly significant for international trade, and Bacolod freight agents can develop solutions for any challenge.

Why Bacolod Can Be Your Top Choice for Qingdao Freight Forwarders

  • Professional paperwork means customs clearance is no problem whatsoever
  • Reasonable rates for high-quality services
  • Dependable loading inspection
Why Bacolod Can Be Your Top Choice for Qingdao Freight Forwarders
Sea Freight Shipping from Qingdao

Sea Freight Shipping from Qingdao

Sea freight is not only cost-effective, but it is also the most popular method of shipping goods internationally. This is because using sea freight allows you to get the best rates for shipping your goods around the world.

Bacolod is one of the companies that offer sea freight shipping from Qingdao. However, what sets Bacolod apart from the competition is its customer-focused approach.

We make every effort to send your sea freight shipping from Qingdao to the rest of the world at the lowest possible cost and in the shortest time.

Air Freight Shipping from Qingdao

If you want your goods to reach their destination quickly, you must choose air freight. Bacolod offers its services regarding air freight shipping from Qingdao at affordable rates and in case of any doubt, our customer support is always available to help and guide you.

Air freight shipping from Qingdao is charged based on weight and thus the rate of the consignment varies with the destination location. If you have 100-300 kg of cargo, air freight is a great option. Our freight agents will contact the suitable airline and book the flight to ensure fast delivery.

Air Freight Shipping from Qingdao
Door-to-Door Shipping from Qingdao

Door-to-Door Shipping from Qingdao

Door to door shipping method is the best possible option for those looking for the most convenient method of sending goods from Qingdao. This service may include:

  • Pick-up
  • Storage
  • Labelling
  • Customs clearance
  • Loading supervision
  • Final-mile trucking

Door-to-door shipping from Qingdao is undertaken by a large number of companies and Bacolod is one of the top choices for customers looking not just for reliable services but also for the lowest rates.

FCL Shipping from Qingdao

Qingdao is the largest city in the Chinese Shandong province. Its port is one of the most important ones in the country and thus a large number of consignments related to FCL shipping from Qingdao are sent annually to the rest of the world.

If you are looking for FCL shipping from Qingdao, you can try Bacolod because the company has a wide array of customers who report 100% satisfaction with our services. We can book affordable containers and supervise loading, as well as much more.

LCL Shipping from Qingdao

LCL shipping refers to less than container load shipping, and it is used in the shipping industry when a single container is shared by multiple consignments. LCL shipping from Qingdao is sent all over the world, and the rates vary depending on the distance between Qingdao and the destination.

When it comes to LCL shipping from Qingdao, Bacolod has a large number of satisfied customers, and you can also contact us with confidence if you want to join this list. LCL freight forwarders have to be talented and professional to be able to coordinate multiple shipments sharing a container—and Bacolod has such people.

Additional Services for Qingdao Freight Forwarders

Pickup and Delivery

Hiring a reputable company like Bacolod is the way to go for your pick-up and delivery needs. If you are also on the hunt for a reliable partner in this regard, try our services. We will pick up your cargo in Qingdao and deliver to any location around the globe.

Shipping to Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA is the latest mode of business. This is why for shipping to Amazon FBA, you need a company that can be trusted. Bacolod is the number one choice of several customers that are shipping to Amazon FBA from Qingdao.


In today’s highly dynamic market, warehousing encompasses far more than it did previously. To make the process easier for its customers, Bacolod offers a variety of services such as consolidation, assembling, labelling, and loading. The company has established a modern warehousing network throughout China, allowing it to fully meet the freight forwarding needs of customers.

Cargo Insurance

By acquiring cargo insurance, you protect yourself from a variety of financial difficulties. Bacolod freight agents from Qingdao double as professional cargo insurance providers, making Bacolod your one-stop logistics company.

Customs Clearance

When it comes to customs clearance, some consignments are rejected. Choose Bacolod to avoid problems that may arise if the paperwork is not properly completed. Our Qingdao forwarders will deal with documentation, taxes, and communication with customs officers.

Loading Inspection

You must choose a reputable loading inspection service if you do not want your recipients to receive damaged items. Our experts in Qingdao are always ready to oversee loading, lashing, container conditions, space optimization, and more.

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