Sea Freight China to Australia

We have contract rates with many different carriers, such as COSCO, MSK, EMC, YML, OOCL, etc., so Bacolod offers very competitive shipping sea freight from China to Australia for FCL container goods, and we offer a fixed position every week.

For LCL shipment goods, In addition to good ocean freight, we also offer fast unloading and lower than market destination charge at Australia port. Meanwhile, we provide the best door-to-door shipping service from China to Australia.

Why Bacolod Can Be Your First Choice for Sea Freight China to Australia

  • Australian business partners
  • 24/7 support, regardless of time zone differences
  • Full range of sea freight services
  • Professional route and schedule coordination
sea freight china to Australia
How Much The Cost of Sea Freight China to Australia

How Much The Cost of Sea Freight China to Australia

Sea freight prices for shipping from China to Australia range greatly. The cost of shipping a 20ft container from China to Australia via FCL is approximately $688-$780. A 40ft container shipped from China to Australia would cost roughly $1478. Sea freight LCL, on the other hand, costs $350 for a load of 100 kg from Shanghai to Sydney.

Another way to understand LCL prices is that the first CBM costs AU$480.00 per CBM, and everything over that costs AU$360 per CBM. The conversion rate from Australian dollar to USD is 1 AUD = 0.7 USD.

In addition, you will have to pay port fees and customs duties, and Bacolod can help you calculate all that.

How Long Does Sea Freight China Take to Australia

Bacolod offers accurate sea freight from China to Australia tracking, so that you can keep an eye on your cargo. Ocean carriers can carry your cargo from China to Australia in 12 to 62 days.

Shipping from Shenzhen to Sydney would take the least time—about 11 days. Alternatively, shipping from Huangpu to Adelaide would take 62 days via LCL.

When shipping from China to Australia, FCL shipping is faster than LCL shipping. Moreover, Australian customs take 1-2 extra days.

How Long Does Sea Freight China Take to Australia
Major Ocean Ports in Australia

Major Ocean Ports in Australia

The major sea and cargo ports in Australia include:

  • Brisbane Port is Queensland’s major freight port
  • The Port of Sydney is Australia’s second-largest container port
  • The Port of Fremantle is Australia’s busiest port in the west
  • The Port of Melbourne is the Southern Hemisphere’s fourth-largest freight port
  • The Port of Hedland is Oceania’s largest container port

OOG and Bulk Cargo Sea Freight from China to Australia

We offer marine freight from China to Australia from Bacolod, and we handle a wide range of specific cargo. We handle big, out-of-gauge, and dangerous shipments. Australia commonly imports grain for stockfeeding and milling, and Bacolod can arrange that for you. Also, Australia imports from China industrial machinery and equipment as OOG cargo. Bacolod can help you find the finest sea freight solution.

OOG and Bulk Cargo Sea Freight from China to Australia
FCL Shipping from China to Australia

The term “full container load” (FCL) refers to cargo that can fill at least 75% of the whole container. There are three sizes of containers: 20ft (33 CBM), 40ft (66 CBM), and a 40ft high cube container (76 CBM).

The smaller containers are designed to carry heavy bulk cargo like minerals, metals, machinery, sugar, paper, cement, and so on. On the other hand, larger containers are designed to carry voluminous freight like furniture, steel pipes, paper scrap, and various products.

Due to their massive size, FCL shipments can only be delivered by truck when they arrive at an Australian port.

LCL Shipping from China to Australia

To determine freight costs, LCL employs the CBM (Cubic Meter) measuring unit. As a professional freight forwarder, Bacolod will assist you in shipping your goods via LCL sea freight if the quantity of your goods is small and the volume is less than 15CBM. This implies that your shipment will be bundled with other shipments bound for the same Australian port.

If your shipment is delicate, has a short shelf-life, and needs to arrive to Australia by a strict deadlines, LCL may not be for you. With further details about your import, Bacolod can recommend you the most optimal mode of sea freight.

Additional Services for Sea Freight from China to Australia

Pickup and Delivery

If you need a shipment picked up from China and delivered to an address in Australia, our skilled logistics team will handle it for you. We provide the most cost-effective and timely cargo delivery from China to Australia.


Warehousing services provide a central storage place where commodities can be received, stored, and distributed. We have locations in convenient port cities, and you can store your goods for free there.

Shipping to Amazon FBA

Australia has several Amazon FBA locations in four states: New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, and Western Australia. Sea freight from China to Amazon FBA in Australia has grown increasingly common as the e-commerce industry grows.

Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance makes it so that the buyer or seller of the products is covered or compensated for freight damage or loss. Sea freight to Australia along the Pacific Ocean may have its risks, so Bacolod agents will protect your investment from these risks.

Customs Clearance

Customs documentation, customs insurance, carrier documentation, lading bills, warehousing, and payment methods are all handled by our forwarders. A 5% tariff is applied to the bulk of items imported to Australia from China, and we will handle it.

Loading Inspection

In sea transportation, goods need to be properly packaged and secured in containers. Bacolod staff will oversee packaging into cartons and pallets, and loading aboard a vessel to reach Australian coasts.

Ro-Ro & Lo-Lo Shipping

To transport heavy and unconventionally-sized cargo like machinery and trucks to Australia, we offer a range of loading services, such as:

  • Ro-Ro
  • Lo-Lo
  • Ro-Lo & Lo-Ro

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