Sea Freight China to Canada

Bacolod provides competitive sea freight from China to Canada for shipment goods by FCL container and LCL container, we have enough spaces in hand every week from carriers for full container goods. For LCL shipment goods, we charge a lower destination charge in Canada seaport based on good ocean freight. We provide the best door-to-door shipping service from China to Canada, Even if you are an individual.

Why Bansar Can Be Your First Choice for Shipping to Canada

Some of the qualities of Bacolod which make it the top choice of customers for shipping from China to Canada are:

    • Step by step guidance;
    • Keeping no information hidden from customers;
    • Excellent supervision during loading inspection services.
Our Advantages
Major Ocean Ports In Canada

Major Ocean Ports In Canada

The major Canadian ports are:

  • Vancouver. This is the largest port in Canada;
  • Prince Rupert;
  • Halifax;
  • Montreal;
  • Saint John.

Specialty Cargo Shipping from China to Canada

Specialty Cargo Shipping from China to Canada
Specialty Cargo Shipping from China to Canada 2

Besides the competitive ocean freight rates, Bansar provides the best service in the destination port.


OOG is the acronym for Out Of Gauge shipping. This term is used in the shipping industry for goods that are larger in size than containers. OOG containers come in two varieties: open top (open-top) and flat rack (flat bottom).

The open-top container is used to transport large and/or bulky final goods that require handling and loading with an overhead crane. The flat bottom container is meant to transport items that are huge, bulky, unusually long, wide, tall, or heavy.

This type of equipment from China to Canada is ideal for things that aren’t quite on the scale of the cargo but can’t fit into standard containers. This reduces time and ensures cargo safety during loading and unloading.


Bulk is a type of shipping in which ships or vessels are loaded with large quantities of goods. In this case, the goods are not properly packaged. Bulk cargo is delivered straight to the hold of the ship. Onboard, a difference is made between bulk freight and general cargo.

We help with the import of bulk solid and liquid products: (such as coal, minerals, petroleum, cement, etc.) from China to Canada. Each type of cargo, such as charcoal burners, has its own ship. Bulk carriers is how they’re referred to.

Hazardous Shipment

This type of shipment is used for shipping goods that have been termed hazardous to human health. This is why the hazardous shipment is properly marked to make the loaders and unloaders aware of the type of material in the shipment.

Some types of imported goods that Canada deems hazardous include explosives, nuclear substances, ozone-depleting substances, polymer substances, pest control products, microbial substances, etc. All these goods require special handling, and Bacolod is ready to provide this for sea freight from China.

Additional Services for Sea Freight from China to Canada

Pickup and Delivery

The pick-up and delivery services of Bacolod are the best in class. That’s why we enjoy a great reputation among our customers looking for sea shipping from China to Canada.

Shipping to Amazon FBA

If you are looking for a trusted partner for shipping to Amazon FBA in Canada, we guarantee that Bacolod will exceed your expectations.


Bacolod has been able to come up with a great strategy regarding warehousing which enables the company to efficiently and effectively use its warehouses located in all major Chinese regions like Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

Cargo Insurance

For those conversant with the field of ocean freight, the importance of cargo insurance is nothing new. We offer these services to ensure that our customers get the peace of mind that their goods are safe.

Customs Clearance

Bacolod is proud to announce its customs clearance services to customers. Our professional staff is always available to assist you with shipping from China to Canada.

The list of custom clearance taxes varies from one country to another, but in Canada, the customs apply a 5% import tax.

Loading Inspection

Loading inspection is critical since it ensures that your items are not damaged or broken. Bacolod’s loading inspection services are renowned because of the meticulous attention to detail of our supervisory staff.

Leave Your Goods,Bacolod Will Handle The Left

Get an instant shipping quote and let Bacolod handle your shipping from China.
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