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Europe is one of our largest shipping markets, We have been serving European clients for over 10 years, we offer competitive sea freight from China to Europe for shipment goods by sea. Door-to-door shipping service from China to Europe is our biggest highlight. In particular, Amazon’s shipping services. In addition to general cargo transportation, we also specialize in the shipping of dangerous goods and sensitive goods such as electrically charged goods.


Why Bansar Can Be Your First Choice for Shipping to Europe

Some of the qualities of Bacolod which make it the top choice of customers for shipping from China to Europe are:

    • Cost-effective sea freight services;
    • Customer-oriented approach;
    • Our staff is well conversant with European customs rules which streamline the process.
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Major Ocean Ports In Europe

Major Ocean Ports In Europe

The major ports in Europe include:

  • Port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands;
  • Port of Hamburg in Germany;
  • Port of Valencia in Spain;
  • Port of Piraeus in Greece;
  • Port of Antwerp in Belgium;

Specialty Cargo Shipping from China to Europe

Specialty Cargo Shipping from China to Europe
Specialty Cargo Shipping from China to Europe

Here are a few types of our speciality cargo shipping services from China to Europe:


Out Of Gauge shipping is the term used in the shipping industry for goods larger in size than containers. Our knowledgeable staff consistently develops inventive solutions for OOG cargo employing flat racks and a variety of specialised equipment to bring all OOG cargo to its destination in Europe.

We maintain the greatest levels of precision and professionalism throughout every stage, guaranteeing that even the most large goods is handled securely and quickly. Throughout the shipping procedure, our team of professionals provides advice and support.

Europe imports OOG shipments from China, including construction machinery, oil equipment, large vehicles, and more.


Goods that are sent in huge quantities and are loaded to vessels without any proper packaging are referred to as bulk. Europe often needs various dry and liquid bulk and breakbulk goods. Therefore, Bacolod can easily handle all logistics when shipping bulk cargo from China to anywhere in Europe.

Hazardous Shipment

Hazardous shipment is used for carrying harmful substances or chemicals. Such shipment is properly marked so loading and unloading staff knows what they are dealing with. Such cargo is easier to ship via sea freight, which is the perfect solution. We will manage all necessary precautions and requirements to ensure that your hazardous goods arrive safely to Europe.

FCL Shipping From China To Europe

Depending upon the port you choose for transportation from China to Europe, it takes anywhere between 35 and 55 days for your sea freight from China to Europe.

Europe has several ports and thus the amount of money required for FCL ocean freight from China to Europe also varies considerably.

If you ship from China to Spain, the cost of FCL for a 20 ft container is around $1050 which is the lowest anywhere in Europe.

However, the cost of FCL ocean consignment from China to Italy can go as high as $2000.

So you can consider the range of $1050 to $2000 for the cost of FCL shipping from China to Europe.

LCL Shipping From China To Europe

The time it takes LCL to reach from China to Europe also varies from 35 to 55 days, taking a little longer due to consolidation. LCL is the perfect solution for startup importers to the EU. If you have less than 15 CBM of cargo, LCL is for you.

The lowest cost of LCL shipping from China to Europe is for the UK, which is around $238 per CBM. However, for Germany, you might even have to pay around $300 per CBM. Contact us today, and we will be able to give you an accurate statement.

Additional Services for Sea Freight from China to Europe

Pickup and Delivery

Pick-up and delivery play a vital role when you are looking to send your goods from China to Europe. This is where the importance of a trusted ocean freight provider like Bacolod is fully demonstrated.

Shipping to Amazon FBA

As Amazon FBA services exist in several European countries, Bacolod provides shipping services for the Amazon FBA as well. You can rely on our services as we ensure timely delivery of sea freight for our customers. We also offer special labelling and packaging according to Amazon FBA standards.


Warehousing is the lifeblood of an ocean freight company like Bacolod. This is why we have given due importance to this segment. We offer warehouses in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and other large Chinese cities. Also, we offer a wide range of processing services.

Cargo Insurance

Bacolod is not just a service provider but is also focused on creating ease for its customers. This is why we offer a cargo insurance service so you can sit back and relax while we ship your goods from China to Europe.

Customs Clearance

Europe is one of the most popular destinations for shipment from China. That’s why acing the custom clearance process is pivotal. The VAT and custom clearance rules were changed by the European Union in 2021. That’s why we recommend you to get the professional services of Bacolod to avoid any unfavourable situation.

Loading Inspection

To protect your expensive goods from loss and damages, we offer our class-leading loading inspection services. Our staff takes pride in checking the entire loading process diligently for ensuring that your goods reach from China to Europe, as you would want them to.

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