Sea Freight China to Malaysia

Malaysia is one of our most important markets, we provide door-to-door shipping service from China to Malaysia both by FCL and LCL based on the best sea freight from China to Malaysia, and we have a warehouse in Port Kelang to serve our customers. In addition, we also offer free China warehouse storage services, as well as free paperwork.

Why Bansar Can Be Your First Choice for Shipping to Malaysia

You need to get the services of a highly professional firm for shipping your goods from China to Malaysia. Here are a few attributes of Bacolod which make it the top choice in this regard.

    • Step by step guidance to customers
    • Highly professional services at reasonable rates
    • An expert team backed up years of experience
Why Bansar Can Be Your First Choice for Shipping to Malaysia
Major Ocean Ports in Malaysia

Major Ocean Ports in Malaysia

Malaysia has several ports, some of which include:

  • Klang, which is the premier port of Malaysia
  • Kuantan, which is on the eastern shore of the South China Sea
  • Johor, which handles bulk cargo and is located near industrial facilities
  • Tanjung- Pelepas, which is perfect for international shipping
  • Penang, which is the oldest port of Malaysia
  • Bintulu, which is a deepwater port that handles primarily liquid bulk

Bulk Cargo Sea Freight to Malaysia

Bacolod is your optimal freight forwarder to Malaysia. We handle all sorts of goods when shipping to Malaysia. Be that OOG, hazardous, bulk, breakbulk, Ro-Ro, or another type of cargo, we will seamlessly arrange the best sea freight from China to Malaysia. Malaysia often imports fuel, wood, fertilizers, cement, and various metals from China in bulk. Malaysia also imports a lot of dry and liquid bulk, for which it has multiple specialized ports. We will organize proper loading and unloading of your cargo, and arrange a route to the appropriate port that will be able to handle your bulk and OOG products.

Bulk Cargo Sea Freight to Malaysia
FCL Sea Freight From China To Malaysia

The time it takes in shipping a full container load from China to Malaysia varies between 4 to 16 days. This range is quite broad and varies with the source and destination ports.

The minimum time is taken from Shanghai to Port Klang which is around 4 to 5 days.

Shipping from the Chinese port of Ningbo to the Pelepas port is around 8 days, whereas the maximum time is needed for the Kuantan port which is 16 days.

The rate of FCL from China to Malaysia also varies depending upon the Chinese and the Malaysian ports that you choose.

Due to the post-pandemic situation, shipping rates from China to Malaysia keep changing very quickly. For FCL, your total ocean freight cost and sea shipping charges might vary anywhere between $1875 and $2467.

LCL Sea Freight From China To Malaysia

When we claim to be one of the best service providers in our field, we do so based on the high number of services we offer to our customers for making their overall experience more streamlined.

We offer LCL consolidation and sea freight options for startup importers with cargo that is less than 15 CBM.

LCL also takes roughly the same time as FCL shipping time from China to Malaysia. This varies from 4 to 16 days.

Delivery time West Malaysia is typically 15 business days, and 15 to 18 business days to reach East Malaysia.

The LCL sea freight cost from China to Malaysia is between $29.6 to $54.25 for every 200 kg per CBM. Bacolod can help you calculate the exact shipping time and cost once we have details about your import. Contact us now for a consultation!

Additional Services for Sea Freight from China to Malaysia

Pickup and Delivery

When it comes to pick-up and delivery services Bacolod goes the extra mile. We will pick your cargo from any location in China to deliver it right to your door in Malaysia.

Shipping to Amazon FBA

For developing a long term business relationship with our customers, we offer a plethora of services. One such example is shipping to Amazon FBA in Malaysia.


If a company wants to be successful in the modern freight line, it needs to have strong control over its warehouses. This is why Bacolod has positioned its warehouses at all key locations in China, such as Shenzhen, to make shipping to Malaysia easier and more effective.

Cargo Insurance

Our cargo insurance service gives you the ability to ship your goods to Malaysia without having to worry about them being damaged or lost.

Customs Clearance

Multi-layered requirements of custom clearance can wreak havoc even for experienced importers. That’s why getting the services of a professional company like Bacolod comes in handy. Malaysia imposes custom duties on approximately 75% of all imported items, and we will help you navigate the exact tax rates.

Loading Inspection

Most of the damage to goods takes place during the loading and unloading processes. Bacolod’s loading inspection service comes in handy in this regard as it not just saves your items from being damaged but also ensures that all of the goods reach Malaysia safely.

Leave Your Goods,Bacolod Will Handle The Left

Get an instant shipping quote and let Bacolod handle your shipping from China.
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