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Bacolod provides professional shipping services and offers the best sea freight from China to the UK, We have available spaces from Carrier in hand every week for FCL container goods, and we load the goods every week for LCL container goods based on competitive shipping freight. Door-to-door transport service is also our biggest advantage, Even if you are an individual or an individual Amazon seller.

Why Bansar Can Be Your First Choice for Shipping to UK

Here are some of the reasons that qualify Bacolod to be your top choice for sea freight from China to the UK.

    • Proficiency in paperwork
    • 100% client satisfaction
    • Experienced team
    • Meticulous working
Why Bansar Can Be Your First Choice for Shipping to UK
Major Ocean Ports in the UK

Major Ocean Ports in the UK

The major sea and cargo ports in the UK include:

  • Port of Felixstowe, which is perfect for the largest cargo ships
  • Port of Southampton, which is the second largest in the UK
  • Port of London, which is great for further rail freight and road freight
  • Port of Immingham, which is commonly used for bulk cargo
  • Port of Liverpool, which is the most central port in the UK
FCL Shipping from China to the UK

The Full Container Load (FCL) is great for large cargo taking up more than 20CBM. Sea freight from China to the UK can be delivered in a minimum of 25 days. However, the duration can easily increase to 60 days.

A major determinant of the number of days is whether the shipment has to be port to port or door to door. The latter takes more time than the former.

Nothing can be said with certainty about the cost of FCL shipping from China to the UK because the rates keep varying.

However, expect to pay around $60 to 90 on average per cubic meter. The cost varies greatly with two factors, which are:

  • The source (Chinese) port;
  • The destination (UK) port.

For example, while FCL shipping from Shanghai port to London port takes $1903 for a 40ft container, the cost of FCL container shipping from Shanghai port to Southampton is just $1596.

LCL Shipping from China to the UK

The Less Than Container Load (LCL) load also takes roughly the same duration of 25 to 60 days to reach the UK from China. LCL is perfect for startup or niche importers just establishing their supply chain. Bacolod offers additional consolidation services to facilitate LCL sea freight.

For LCL shipping, the rates from China to the UK are around $1000 for 200 kg / CBM. Specifically, the rates from Shanghai to London are $1068 whereas the rate is $1141 for Southampton.

Additional Services for Sea Freight from China to the UK

Pickup and Delivery

Our pick-up and delivery services are among the best in the region. That’s because we offer these services anywhere from China to the UK.

Shipping to Amazon FBA

Looking for a trusted partner for shipping your goods from China to Amazon FBA in the UK? Well, we have the solution for your needs. Our sea freight forwarders will gladly arrange everything.


Bacolod understands the importance of warehousing and thus it has diligently positioned its warehouses in main hubs. This enables the company to deliver goods quickly and more effectively as compared to its competitors.

Cargo Insurance

When it comes to cargo insurance, Bacolod is the first choice for many customers who regularly use our services to protect their precious goods from being lost or damaged.

Customs Clearance

Customs clearance can often get really tricky. That’s because the complications involved in the process are often misinterpreted. In this regard, Bacolod offers professional customs clearance at the UK border.

Loading Inspection

We know that the loading process is one of the trickiest parts of the freight process. That’s why, for ensuring that all of your goods reach the destination safely and soundly, Bacolod offers loading inspection services.

Leave Your Goods,Bacolod Will Handle The Left

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