Shanghai Warehouse

Shanghai is a key location for business in China. Shanghai container port is the busiest in the world, and Shanghai is both China’s first and second largest free-trade zone. Furthermore, Shanghai, being one of China’s primary industrial centres, is important for domestic manufacturing and heavy industry.

Having said all this, it is not surprising that Bacolod established a warehouse in Shanghai. We support all types of pre-shipping and storage services for various products, including OOG and hazardous cargo. We will keep track of inventory, packaging, quality, labels, and much more.

Warehouse All Around in Shanghai

Shanghai is one of the—if not the—most crucial business hubs of China. Thus, to gain full control over it, Bacolod has established a warehouse servicing manufacturers from all around Shanghai. Our convenient location facilitates shipping from the port of Shanghai, and much more.

This ensures that, in most cases, we are able to deliver our services and exceed customer expectations regardless of the circumstances. The fact that we do so at unmatched rates makes us the number one choice for our customers.

Consult our team if you are also looking for warehousing services in Shanghai at reasonable rates.

Public Bonded Warehouses

Public Bonded Warehouses

As public bonded warehouses are highly sought after in today’s business industry, Bacolod also offers its services in this regard. Public bonded warehouses are available for monthly contracts for any company, and are serviced by the customs agency. Such a warehouse is the ultimate one-stop solution for many importers.

It is due to this reason that several customers from around the world trust us when it comes to getting these services.

If you are looking to avail services related to public bonded warehouses in Shanghai, Bacolod can be one of your best choices in this regard. Contact us today and get the best rates for our public bonded warehouse services.

Consolidating & Repackaging

As consolidating and repackaging play a key role in determining the success of a shipping business these days, we have also stepped into this segment to make the process easier for you. We will consolidate your items from different suppliers in Shanghai, sort, and repackage them, reinforcing the crates if necessary. Simply tell us your requirements, and our agents will handle everything.

Bacolod reduces the operational costs through its consolidation services, giving you an advantage over your competitors. The same is true for our repackaging services, in which we prioritize quality and thus provide your goods with the professional touch that is required in today’s market.

Consolidating & Repackaging
Assembling and Sorting Service

Assembling and Sorting Service

Assembling items at the Shanghai warehouse is an important process and not everyone can do it as well as Bacolod. The same holds for our sorting service because through this service we ensure that items of various types are sorted out professionally. We will put your items together into kits or pull them apart—whatever you request.

Assembling and sorting make the overall operations much easier, and if these two steps are performed well, they can reduce the effort required for the upcoming steps considerably. Bacolod offers its assembling and sorting services at surprisingly low rates just to give its customers the feeling that they have Bacolod’s support no matter what they set out to do.

Custom Lable Service

As custom labelling services have come into the limelight recently, the number of companies providing these services has also increased significantly. However, there is hardly any company that can undertake the process of custom labelling as professionally as Bacolod. We will prepare your custom labels and apply them appropriately. We also work according to FBA requirements.

Thanks to our custom labelling service, we have helped tens of companies in easily shipping their items from Shanghai abroad. Due to the highly impressive results, almost all of our clients become our long-term partners.

Custom Lable Service

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