Shenzhen Freight Forwarders

Our Shenzhen freight forwarders offer storage, consolidation, stuffing, devanning, and packing services, among other things. Special services such as labelling, stock management, picking, crane for extra-large shipments, bonded warehousing, and more are also available.

When shipping from Shenzhen, Bacolod will provide you with the best solution to any challenge. We can handle both dry general cargo, as well as OOG and hazardous items. Our Shenzhen freight specialists will easily coordinate your shipment in Shenzhen’s Port, which is the fourth busiest in the world. Contact us today and get what you are looking for.

Why Bacolod Can Be Your Top Choice for Shenzhen Freight Forwarders

  • The proficient staff knows the work inside out
  • Detail-oriented freight agents make sure that the customers are satisfied
  • Affordable rates
  • 24/7 customer support
Why Bacolod Can Be Your Top Choice for Shenzhen Freight Forwarders
Sea Freight Shipping from Shenzhen

Sea Freight Shipping from Shenzhen

Shenzhen is a major Chinese economic hub and thus a large number of goods are exported from its ports. For sea freight shipping from Shenzhen, you need a freight forwarder that is not just quick in delivering the consignments but also offers its services at low prices.

Bacolod meets these demands of customers and this is why it is the number one choice for a wide array of customers looking for sea freight shipping from Shenzhen. We operate in all of the ports and all 130 international shipping routes.

Air Freight Shipping from Shenzhen

Air freight is the fastest mode of goods transportation and this is why it is globally famous. However, the high rates of air freight keep customers from using these services. Luckily, Bacolod’s collaboration with various carriers results in low rates for our clients.

The Shenzhen airport connects the city to the rest of the world and air freight shipping from Shenzhen is also carried out from this airport. We can arrange general cargo air freight, as well as freight for OOG and even some hazardous goods. Choose the services of Bacolod for air freight shipping from Shenzhen today.

Sea Freight Shipping from Shenzhen
Door-to-Door Shipping from Shenzhen

Door-to-Door Shipping from Shenzhen

Door-to-door shipping from Shenzhen is a popular method of sending goods abroad, and it has the added benefit of freeing the sender and receiver from the need to visit a specific location for dispatching or receiving goods. Bacolod Shenzhen freight forwarder agents will handle everything: multimodal shipping, transhipment, customs, etc.

Our door-to-door shipping from Shenzhen is exceptional, and our customer satisfaction rate reflects our high-quality services.

Trucking and Pick-Up in Any City

Trucking is essential in the shipping industry. This is why, without a proper trucking system, no freight forwarder can hope to be effective. We use our trucks and trucks of partnering carriers to pick up items from any location in Shenzhen, and then ensure that your goods arrive at their destination in great condition.

We provide such services at the most affordable rates, so give Bacolod a try if you need trucking and pick-up services in any city.

Trucking and Pick-Up in Any City
FCL Shipping from Shenzhen

FCL is an acronym for full container load, and it refers to packages and consignments that require the use of an entire container.

While the cost of FCL shipping from Shenzhen varies depending on the destination, the prices are generally quite high because the total amount required to book a full container is usually quite high. Bacolod freight forwarders in Shenzhen are willing to help you book the most optimal container for your FCL cargo.

LCL Shipping from Shenzhen

LCL is an abbreviation for less than container load, and it is used in the shipping industry when multiple consignments share the space of a single container. Modern shipping has evolved so much over time that, despite sharing a common space, the consignments are not intermixed due to proper packaging, labelling, and tracking. Our freight agents naturally make use of these advanced processes to deliver your LCL shipment safely.

The volume of the consignment in the container determines the overall cost of LCL shipping from Shenzhen. If you are looking for a reputable freight forwarder for LCL shipping from Shenzhen, you can use Bacolod’s services.

Additional Services for Shenzhen Freight Forwarders

Pickup and Delivery

Pick-up and delivery are the lifeblood of most freight forwarding companies. The same is the case with Bacolod and this is why the company takes this domain seriously. We offer our services at highly affordable rates to ensure that most customers can avail our game-changing services in Shenzhen.

Shipping to Amazon FBA

Bacolod has excelled in the field of shipping to Amazon FBA because it understands how vital Amazon FBA has become in the global business paradigm of the modern day. Freight forwarding from Shenzhen to FBA is as easy as ever with Bacolod.


For any freight forwarder to thrive in the current market, having a well-set warehousing system is necessary. Without such a setup, no company can expect to succeed.

Bacolod knows this very well and this is why our Shenzhen warehouse is modernized to ensure streamlined operations.

Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance is a service that we consider a must-have while forwarding your goods abroad. That’s because goods are susceptible to damage and thus by getting cargo insurance you safeguard yourself from all types of financial losses.

Customs Clearance

Hiring a professional customs clearance company is a good idea mainly because such companies are aware of the customs clearance requirements and thus fulfil the needs professionally. Hire a trusted freight forwarding partner like Bacolod for customs clearance in Shenzhen and beyond.

Loading Inspection

By getting loading inspection services from a well-reputed company like Bacolod, you get the confidence that none of your items will go missing in the consignment. Besides this, another benefit is that your goods will be loaded professionally and thus the chances of damage are significantly reduced.

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