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Our clients benefit from our high-quality logistics services all around the world. With the help of Bacolod specialists, shipping cargo from China to Taiwan will be much easier. We’ll handle everything, including customs clearance, storage, and shipping insurance. From China to Taiwan, Bacolod strives to be your one-stop freight forwarder.

We have partnerships with COSCO, OOCL, APL, EMC, MSK, and HMM, to name a few. As a result, during the shipping from China to any location in Taiwan, we can offer you reasonable freight rates.

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Shipping from China to Taiwan

Sea Freight Shipping from China to Taiwan

From China to Taiwan, we arrange efficient FCL and LCL ocean freight. We will connect with the appropriate ocean carrier, coordinate schedule and route, and oversee the loading of your cargo onto the vessel. The ports of Kaohsiung, Anping, Keelung, Suao, Taipei, and others are some of the destinations in Taiwan we can ship your cargo from China to.

Air Freight Shipping from China to Taiwan

Bacolod conducts efficient and reliable air freight from China to Taiwan for both general and special cargo. Air freight is a faster shipping solution for a rapidly growing business. Our professionals will support your shipment every step of the way. Your goods can be sent to terminals in Taiwan, such as in Taipei, Kaohsiung, Taichung, Tainan, and Hualien.

Rail Freight Shipping

Bacolod can organize partial rail freight from China to Taiwan. Your cargo can be transported across China via railroad to the most convenient port. From there, a ferry will ship your products. Then, we can arrange for additional rail freight via Taiwan railways, as well as truck freight. Rail freight is faster than shipping by sea, and less expensive than air freight.

Door to Door Shipping from China to Taiwan

At Bacolod, we offer door-to-door shipping. This means that we only need the starting address for pick-up and the end address for delivery. Our freight forwarders will manage final mile truck freight, loading, and other services. With low rates, 24/7 assistance, and end-to-end visibility, enjoy a one-stop freight supply chain solution.

Loading Inspection

Before being transported to Taiwan, Bacolod agents will inspect your goods. We’ll keep track of the state of your products, their packaging, and how safe everything is in the containers to prevent damage during transit.



Why Bacolod Should Be Your Top-Choice Freight Forwarder?

  • Varied experience
  • Large partnership network
  • Value-added services
  • 24/7 online support
  • Client-oriented approach
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How Much Does It Cost to Ship from China to Taiwan

The most cost-effective method of transport from China to Taiwan is ocean freight. On average, a 40-foot FCL container shipped from China to Taiwan would cost about $3000. The cost for LCL containers is difficult to estimate because they vary greatly.

The cost of shipping from China to Taiwan changes season to season, depending on the port and distance travelled, the container type, incoterms, and cargo weight.

Air freight to Taiwan costs around $4-8 per kg. The more items in your shipment, the better will the price be.

How Long Does Shipping from China to Taiwan Take

Air freight from China will reach Taiwan within 2-8 days, with the average being 3 days in transit. Port-to-port sea freight takes about the same time: 3-8 days. For instance, shipping from Ningbo to Kaohsiung takes 4 days, while shipping from Ningbo to Taipei takes 7 days. China and Taiwan are close to each other, so maritime transit will be fast.

However, some delays may arise due to weather conditions, port congestion, scheduling, customs, added train or truck freight, etc.

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Additional Services for Shipping from China to Taiwan

Freight Fowarders Ensure Appropriate Pick Up And Delivery

You can get a Bacolod freight service that covers picking up cargo from the supplier’s location in China and delivering it to your business location in Taiwan.


We offer free storage for 28 days in our warehouses in Shenzhen and Guangzhou. Before exporting your commodities to Taiwan, we consolidate, package, label, and arrange your cargo according to your specifications.

Cargo Insurance

Bacolod specialists will secure the best cargo insurance for your company. We offer to cover any damage or loss risks for about 0.7 percent of the value of your product. Contact us for a more personalized rate.

Customs Clearance

Taiwan has a duty rate of 0-30%, with an average of about 6.25% tax. The specifics depend on the type of your products. This is why Bacolod provides professional customs agents, who will handle all documentation and ensure a hassle-free import of your items.

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