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Xiamen is a key area in China for modern trade and exciting investment opportunities for businesses around the globe. Xiamen port, Haicang zone, Gaoqi international airport, as well as high-tech industry zones make Xiamen the most modern international logistics zone in southeast China with global export.

Bacolod Xiamen freight forwarder agents recognize the importance of the region, and so we constantly advance our expertise. Bacolod services in Xiamen include pick-up and delivery. warehousing, loading inspection, customs clearance, arranging all modes of freight, including multimodal, and much more. Contact Bacolod today—your one-stop Xiamen freight forwarder.

Why Bacolod Can Be Your Top Choice for Xiamen Freight Forwarders

  • Professional paperwork
  • Affordable rates
  • 100% customer satisfaction

Sea Freight Shipping from Xiamen

Freight forwarders must organise a myriad of factors when shipping sea freight from Xiamen. In such a case, the need for the professionals of a well-established company like Bacolod becomes immense.

Sea freight shipping from Xiamen is popular, as it opens many routes for large ships requiring deep-water ports. We can coordinate everything: schedule, route, etc. If you hire Bacolod, the company works for you and thus fulfils all of the requirements professionally so that your consignment does not get stuck anywhere in between.

Air Freight Shipping from Xiamen

Air freight shipping from Xiamen to the rest of the world is the most efficient way of transporting goods from this city to the rest of the world.

Because air freight is the most expensive mode of shipping goods, hiring Bacolod’s professional staff becomes even more important because they can assist you in finding the cheapest way for air freight shipping from Xiamen.

Door-to-Door Shipping from Xiamen

Customers prefer door-to-door shipping from Xiamen because it allows them to send their goods from the comfort of their own homes. Furthermore, recipients do not have to go through the hassle of visiting a specific location to receive their consignment.

The rates for door-to-door shipping are typically quite high because the freight forwarder is responsible for all of the steps in between. Not only will we pick-up your goods in Xiamen, but we will also store, process, and declare them to customs. Moreover, we will arrange delivery to your business in the country of destination. If you want high-quality services but don’t want to pay a fortune to the freight forwarder in Xiamen, Bacolod is a good option.

Xiamen Cargo Tracking Service

If you want to keep an eye on your goods, a cargo tracking service is the way to go. Several providers offer Xiamen cargo tracking services, meaning that Bacolod faces significant competition in this market.

Despite this, Bacolod is revered when it comes to Xiamen cargo tracking services, which is only possible due to the high standards that the company has set for itself. We will send you photo and video reports, you will be able to track location, status, and many other parameters of your cargo. Try Bacolod’s Xiamen cargo tracking services and we guarantee you will never need to look for another freight forwarder again.

Because Xiamen is a major Chinese port on the country’s southeast coast, the number of FCL consignments sent from this port is considerable. FCL, which stands for full container load, is a term used in the shipping industry for consignments that book the entire container. FCL shipping from Xiamen is indeed expensive, owing to the high cost of booking the entire container.

However, Bacolod freight agents guarantee you an affordable rate for all sorts of FCL containers. We can book all container sizes from 20ft to 45HQ, and all container types such as reefer, open-top, and flat-rack.

LCL shipping means less than container load shipping. This is a term used in the shipping and freight forwarding industry to describe situations in which multiple consignments occupy the space of a single container. For LCL shipping from Xiamen, you need a freight forwarder who is not only proficient but also offers low rates. This is where Bacolod comes in as your saviour.

The company’s control over LCL shipping from Xiamen is exceptional, which is why we recommend that you use Bacolod’s services for all of your needs in this regard.

Additional Services for Xiamen Freight Forwarders

Pickup and Delivery

Pick-up and delivery is the most liked way of sending goods for most people. However, the relatively high prices of these services often keep customers from using them. Bacolod solves this problem by offering pick-up and delivery services in Xiamen at extremely reasonable rates.

Shipping to Amazon FBA

For shipping to Amazon FBA, you must choose a reliable partner. This is why we suggest Bacolod as one of the best service providers when it comes to shipping to Amazon FBA from Xiamen.


Bacolod recognises that modern warehousing entails numerous activities such as consolidation, packaging, labelling, and loading. As a result, we carry out all such services in accordance with our client’s specifications. This earns us the appreciation of our customers, who become repeat buyers of our warehousing services in Xiamen.

Cargo Insurance

Bacolod’s cargo insurance services are exemplary because we have helped several customers through our cargo insurance services in Xiamen. During freight forwarding, it is a highly useful process as it saves our customers from financial losses. This means that you can have peace of mind while working with us.

Customs Clearance

It is a reality that customs clearance is a complicated process. This is why hiring professional services for this purpose is a common practice. A great example of a highly professional customs clearance service is the one offered by Bacolod Xiamen freight forwarders. The best part is that the company presents its remarkable services at affordable rates.

Loading Inspection

By utilising our loading inspection services, you will have access to one of the best Xiamen freight teams available for this objective. This reduces the likelihood of your items being damaged or lost during the process. Because our loading inspectors are highly skilled, the outcomes of their efforts speak for themselves.

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