Yiwu Warehouse

Yiwu is the famous centre for commodities in China—a large economic hub with an advanced rail freight system that transports goods from China all over Europe. It is only natural, then, for Bacolod to offer our warehousing services in Yiwu. We are proud to have a state-of-the-art warehouse management system and a large range of services to suit any client.

Whether you need to repackage, assemble, or simply store your goods before shipment abroad, we will provide it all. Our advanced security system will keep your cargo safe, and we will inspect quality and inventory to keep you in the loop. Choose our warehouse in Yiwu for a one-stop solution to your import.

Warehouse All Around In Yiwu

As Yiwu is one of the major economic centres in China, its importance is immense. Bacolod understands that for meeting the requirements of companies looking for a professional shipping firm, it needs to work out a well-set strategy regarding warehouses.

As a result, Bacolod has established a warehouse to benefit suppliers and companies all around Yiwu. This not just creates ease for the company during operations but also means that no matter what, we can meet the desires of our customers.

Warehouse All Around In Yiwu
Palletizing, Repackaging & Labelling Of Your Goods

Palletizing, Repackaging & Labelling Of Your Goods

If you know how the shipping segment operates you’ll know that some of the major steps involved in the process are

  • Palletizing
  • Repackaging
  • Labelling Of Goods

All these steps have their importance and it won’t be wrong to say that just in case even one of them is missing or not properly done, the overall satisfaction of the customers takes a big hit.

Our warehouse staff in Yiwu can enforce packaging and repack according to your requirements. We can also help you properly label your shipment for customs, FBA, and more. Finally, we will collect your items into pallets and load them into containers for further shipping from Yiwu.

Bacolod gives due importance to all of these steps and thus the company is second to none in the shipping segment in Yiwu.

Providing Photos of Your Ordered Goods

One of the best and the easiest ways to gain customer confidence is to keep them updated at all times. At the Bacolod Yiwu warehouse, we can take photos and videos of your items to report to you on the quality and quantity of your goods, as well as the conditions in our warehouse.

Bacolod provides you photos of your ordered goods to give you peace of mind.

Providing Temporary and Long-Term Storage Service

Providing Temporary and Long-Term Storage Service

While almost all businesses require storage spaces, not all of them have access to one. This is a big hurdle in the success of most modern-day outsourcing companies.

Bacolod has realized that it can play its role in this regard and thus offer temporary and long-term storage services in Yiwu to the businesses in need.

This not just solves a major problem for such companies, but the fact that all Bacolod services are highly affordable means that such businesses don’t have to spend much money for getting access to these highly beneficial services in Yiwu. We can have a contract for any duration, payable per month, with the first month free.

24/7 Online Assistance

We live in the digital world of today and access to the internet means that no matter where you are, you can get online assistance round the clock. Bacolod takes 24/7 online assistance seriously, and this is why the company is determined to offer the best in class customer support and help services regarding warehousing in Yiwu.

We value our customers and this is one of the reasons why our clients develop deep business relationships with us that last for a long time. Planning, customs issues, tracking, truck arrangements, changes in scheduling, inventory updates—we can assist you with this and more.

Monitory Your Inventory Any Where Any Time

Monitory Your Inventory Any Where Any Time

The ability to monitor your inventory is significant in planning your next shipment. For those that have to deal with a large number of consignments throughout the year, it is crucial to know the stage of each consignment.

Bacolod gives you the ability to keep a check on your inventory regardless of where it is and when you want to check it. Our advanced tracking capabilities and warehouse management in Yiwu allows us to communicate changes in inventory to our clients any time.

This gives you complete command over your inventory and ensures that it stays safe.

Leave Your Goods,Bacolod Will Handle The Left

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